Friday, October 3, 2008

Wanting to play 2-D game

I just finished Condemned: Criminal Origins last night. I know I mentioned earlier that I wouldn't have time to play Condemned until I finish both Silent Hill and Dead Space. I accidentally had Condemned shipped from Gamefly unexpectedly since it was in my waiting list that I forgot to remove.

After finishing Condemned, it left a good sense of accomplishment to me. Every moment of the game just felt good to me. I jumped quite a few times if you've seen me play this game on Justin.TV. I wouldn't say the game is scary, but there are tons of moment that makes you jump out of your chair that really gets you engaged in the game even more.

One huge complaint I had with this game is when you become lost. It's usually at the part where you cannot see a thing with your single flashlight. Then after running back and forth, I end up finding the ladder. This happened to me about... THREE times.

I hear this game has tons of glitches too. Oh, I definitely agree. But most of the glitches are quite comical that I've faced. See some examples, example #1, example #2.

Right now as of today, I feel like playing a good 2-D action game. I know Nintendo fits this department so I checked on some games. Then I found,

Wario Land: Shake it for the Nintendo Wii. Alright, I'll give this game a try. I'll probably get this game sometime next week. I will start playing Silent Hill: Homecoming sometime around this weekend.