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Depths of Pangya (Part 2 - Pangya Zone)

Continuing along on Part 2 of Depths of Pangya. If you have missed the first part, then you can visit here. I'll be explaining how the zone works, explanation of items that widens the zone , and a full review of each of items.

Part 2 - Pangya Zone

Lucky Air Lance Clubset
Obtain: To receive this club, complete Pipin's tutorial mode
Info: Power: 0+0 | Control: 9+2 | Accuracy: 6+1 | Spin: 1+1 | Curve: 1+1
Pangya Zone: +10 | 4+10 = 14 pixels | -->

This club grants you the largest Pangya zone in the game, with heavy exception. No power stats at all, and it only works for levels of Beginner level and under. A low level player equipped with this club will be a disaster to your drive length, so your looking at a club that you can barely make any chip-in attempts or get onto the green for birdie putt. You are guarantee to hit Pangya with this club unless your brain works very slow. There are far to many restrictions for this club to make it game breaking, and plus whenever you level up to the point where the club remains useless, you will need to revert back to the small Pangya zone that may take a lot of time getting adjusted too.

Rate: 4/10

+ Permanent wide Pangya zone
- No power, and other stats are low
- Level restriction to Rookie F ~ Beginner A

Rainbow/Devil Feather
Obtain: 8th Rare - KR & A18 Black Papel Shop
Info: Wind pressure of 7m or greater increases Pangya zone. Equip to ear.
Pangya Zone: +2 | 4+2 = 6 pixels | --->

Here is an item that everyone can obtain easily. This item is the best Black Papel rare ever to release in this game. For players who missed their chance for Elf ears will definitely have to pick this one up. Although you only get 1/3 of a chance to get the effect, it's still better than nothing. You can abuse this item if you know the ropes on Silvia Cannon. Cannon winds only range from 6-9m and feather only activates on 7-9m. Just pray that you don't get 6m winds. What's great about this item is that it equips to a Character's ear slot that won't overlap anything that you don't want taken out. It is a downgrade version of Elf ears, but being able to get an item by gambling your virtual pangs in the lotto for one, it's worth the value and what you get for it.

Rate: 6/10

+ Affordable item without spending a penny
- Limited only to very high wind pressures

Brie Card (Low)
Obtain: Volume 1 card pack
Info: Ultra Rare Caddie Card
Pangya Zone: +1 | 4+1 =5 pixels | --->

This card will only be available in Season 4. You simply attach this card to one of your Characters that you use very often, and you automatically get 1 pixel added to your Pangya zone permanently. What a good deal isn't it. Even though this card has a great effect, it does have limitation depending on your play style. Remember that once you equip a card, you won't be able to get it back. There may be times that you may get bored playing with the same Character continuously, or you like to wear a different outfit. But if you decide to change, you won't be able to use the card's effect. So if you are the kind of player that uses only one Character with the same outfit on, then you are good to go to use this effect for a good long time. Just be sure to choose wisely how where you want to equip this powerful card. I wouldn't really recommend placing it on an outfit that you can't sell in PSquare. You may want to sell the outfit with the card for a high value in the near future. This card is a rare, so it may be hard to obtain this card.

Rate: 6/10

+ Easy equip with no penalty
+ Increase zone is permanent
- Cannot unequip card once attached
- A rare card to pull in card packs

Brie Card (Medium)
Obtain: Volume 1 card pack
Info: Secret Rare Caddie card
Pangya Zone: +2 | 4+2 = 6 pixels | -->

Same thing as the Brie card mentioned above. Consider yourself one lucky sonofabitch if you get this card. Seriously, it's super hard to get. It's worth over ten million pangs in Korea. But again like I said with the limitation about having to stay with that one Character to use the effect. So if you don't plan to change your outfit or Character at all, then this card definitely deserves a perfect 10 IF you ever pull this card out from the pack.

Rate: 8/10

+ Easy equip with no penalty
+ Increase zone is permanent
- Cannot unequip card once attached
- This card is almost close to extinction to get this

Rainbow/Rune Fairy Wings
Obtain: 23rd Rare - KR's Scratch Card
Info: Equip to wing slot
Pangya Zone: +1 | 4+1 = 5 pixels | --->

Here is an item that truly shows its beauty while giving you a nice effect boost along with it. This counts as a wing slot, so players who like to show off their Angel or Devil wings will have to depart from it. The Fairy Wing displays very clearer than a pointy ear, or a feather next to your ear. This item is great so you are able to change outfits however you please with your wings attached to your back always. If you miss having your Angel or devil wings on, you can switch them out any time you want. So the Fairy Wing is a very flexible item to have. This is one scratch rare worth getting. Using the wing by itself is still good with only +1 bonus, but it'll be a wonderful addition if you combine this wing with the last item on this list!

Rate: 8.5/10

+ Increase zone is permanent
+ Easy to equip without modification to Character
- Sacrifice Angel or Devil wings

Elf Ears
Obtain: 12th Rare - KR's Scratch Card
Info: Wind pressure of 4m or greater increases Pangya zone. Equip to ear.
Pangya Zone:
4-7m +2 | 4+2 = 6 pixels | --->
8-9m +4 | 4+4 = 8 pixels | --->

This rare is the most powerful item in the game. First, equipping this item is not a problem. Secondly, the Pangya boost is very good. And at last, it's in a scratch card set that you can win easily if you spend a good portion from your bank account. It's a bit easier to win the ears rather than spending so much money on card packs that is almost impossible to pull a Brie card. At least you know in the Scratch set that you will get elf ears if you win, but card packs generate many different kinds of card that you may not pull the right one. That's how I think of it, but your opinion could be different to counter-argue that statement.

If you know how to setup your shots on Silvia Cannon really well, bring your pointy ears, and enjoy your free 10k+ pangs.

The ears have so many possibilities that could be limitless. Players with huge drives and low control will definitely benefit the ears. With the ears, you will see a magnificent change to your Pangya % rate. You have 2/3 of a chance to receive either 2 or 4 pixels added to your zone. It's a great deal without being too overpower or else it will ruin the balance.

Speaking of balance issue, Pangya Japan have the ears limited unlike Korea and Albatross18. If you use an item or activate a powershot, then the effect will cancel.

The only reason why it's not a perfect 10 is for two little reasons. The obvious one is that there's a 1/3 chance of not receiving the effect. The last reason varies depending on the player. Players will have to endure three different sizes on the Pangya zone. The default state on the Pangya zone is 4 pixels. The bonus depending on wind pressure will have a total of either 6 or 8 pixels. Depending on how their eyes and timing cooperate, your adjustments could stumble. We are human beings so a mistake like that is practically normal. It will take lots of focus to overcome this obstacle, but with enough experience with it, you should be able to get used to the width changing constantly.

If you are a dedicated Pangya player who needs something to improve your gameplay, then you cannot miss a chance to get this item. Even if you quit the game, get it. Even if you don't have enough money for next semester's tuition, get it. Even if you need money for food, get it anyways and stick to eating ramen for a whole month. If you missed your chance, you will heavily have regrets in your Pangya career. At least you have a chance to get the feather, it just won't be as good.

Rate: 9/10

+ Best item in the game that is a must have
+ 2/3 chance to receive large Pangya zone
+ Easy to equip without modification to Character
+ Improves your performance in the game
- 1/3 chance of not receiving bonus at all
- May disrupt your timing due to different Pangya zone sizes

I hope you have enjoyed this large article, and have a Happy Halloween. Don't eat too much candy or you will have a tummy ache.

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