Saturday, February 28, 2009

JPN February Updates

The updates on Pangya Japan has been fairly decent this month compared to other Pangya servers who are getting back together due to contract expiration that Gamepot doesn't have to worry about. Due to another heavy blockage on getting into their servers yet again, there's little point in talking about a server that you can't play to begin with. It's almost like I'm doing updates on Pangya Thai that no one will bother with. But this is Nippon, where creativity and exclusives are their strongest points that simply can't be ignored.

Today is the last day for the month of February. So let's review through most of the updates that has happened in this month.

Japan has been popular in holding special events to gather players out of their homes, and show their skills in front of the audiences. Right now, the PJC 09 is underway with many different modes to compete in. As players compete in these modes, they may get a chance to be on stage and prove to Japan your otaku golf skills. Modes consist like speed, challenge, master tourneys, and many more.

Last year, they held the spring and winter championships to see who will be on top. I recorded the Spring championship on YouTube, but I never got to get the Winter season recorded. It looks like each year they keep improving on their presentation. They have remarkably improved on visuals such as showing four players on screen simultaneously that hasn't been done before. I'm going to assume they will collect the top players for each mode and host a tourney LIVE around the month of May. So if I can stay up around three in the morning to record this, then expect to see clips on my YouTube account.

Surprisingly, Japan received this update before Korea did. This event is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is play the game as usual, and you may receive a surprise box popping out from the cup. You will be rewarded two boxes if you have a special item equipped that I'm sure you know what I'm talking about since I've said this many times before. These boxes will contain a girl's name that will be added in their heart meters. Each girls will have 10 slots in their meters. Once filled up, click on the heart and you will receive a pocky stick that will be equipped in their mouth. (even though it's a nose equipment since I have confirm this already)

They also have Valentine goods on sale, and you may also receive a chocolate candy popping out from the hole that will reward you x1.2 pang at the end of the round. So unlike Korea's Valentine's event where they only had the Valentine's Chocolate stick event, Japan has pretty much dominated on who is superior for this year's Valentine's event.

This event is borrowed from Korea. A fireplace item can be set in your room that will contain sweet potatoes inside that you can collect. Each day, there will be two potatoes for you and your friends too if you let them in your room. The normal potato will grant you 5% experience boost for two hours, and if you are lucky you may pull a golden cooked potato that will give you 50% experience boost. These potatoes are treated like the time limit cards, and you may choose to use them whenever you want.

Also there is a caddies and clothes discount sales going on in the shop. Everything will be 30% from the regular price. This includes purchasing new caddies and the renewing fees. The discount prices on the outfits are specifics only so not the entire fashion wears are reduced.

On February 12th, Kooh is celebrating her 4th anniversary in JPN Pangya. She was first introduced on 2-12-05 way back in Season one. This event will provide a black box that may contain a Gachapon rare that you may have missed before. However, the amount of rares contain in these black boxes are limited, and there's a list to see what rares you can win on the page. This is similar to the Gacha grab bags that you can purchase that may contain a Gachapon rare that you may have missed out. Even though you can't buy or sell these kinds of rares in PSquare, at least they are nice enough to bring them back for another chance to win those rares. However, you need lots of money and luck if you are planning to do this.

Another voice clubset has released again. The stats is a little bit better from the first voice clubs, and there will be new voices from the same voice actors from the previous voice clubsets. The pink voice clubset will be available in the shop and will cost cookies. That clubset will remain in the shop for a full month. The Chemical blue voice clubset can be won in the Gachapon lotto and that is where you get the full stats and large variety of voices instead of the pink clubset. Just like the old voice clubsets, the cookie version will have 11 control, while the gachapon club will have full 12.

The cookie version will have a total of 5 voices for each, while the gachapon club will have 15 for each Characters. But why 15? It's because they added voices when you sink your ball into the cup. Voices will be played out depending on what you scored on that hole. So if you get a Birdie, they will make a happy sound. Get a bogey and hear them rant. It's a nice feature, but it may get annoying? The gachapon clubset will have your Character's voice yell out "Pangya!" and the cookie version will be the default Pangya sound fx. Lucia's Pajamas is also included in the gachapon lotto as well.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

KR: Transfering notice

Welcome to Ntreev's official website for Pangya KR. has officially open a page for all existing players who wishes to move their accounts. I have provided a very simple step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. This will be open till March 10th so make haste. If you don't transfer your exisiting account, it won't go through on March 11th.

How to transfer your account over to Ntreev.

*Use Internet Explorer only to complete this*

1) Login to (the old site, not the new site)

2) After login, you will get a pop up window. Click on the right blue button. If you have pop-up blocker on, go directly here instead.

3) Click on the two boxes to confirm the agreement and click on the blue box.

4) You may use your existing username, or change it to something different. It will only accept English and lowercase letters. The two boxes below is where you need to input your new password twice. Then below, click on the blue button on the left to confirm.

A pop-up bubble when changing your username will look like this that is translated for your convenience.

5) Once you see this message, you are done. I'm not joking, that's all you need to do. See? I told you guys to wait next week for more details. Once you click on the orange button, you will be directed to Pangya's new main page. You should check the new site out, it's really nice and load times are smoother than the old one. On the new site, you can login to your new accounts that will take effect on March 11th. You will currently be using your existing account for now to get into the game until the change takes effect on March 11th.

Pangya's Top 5 intro

Some players will agree that Pangya is a very enjoyable game, but they can also list some flaws that could ruin your enjoyment as well. Not all games like Pangya can meet everyone's expectations, and that's practically normal. In this case, it may be best to point out the advantage and disadvantage of this game.

Therefore, I would like to start an article to the list Pangya's Top 5 Good and the Bad. Discussing good things about the game will be thrilling, and discussing the bad side of Pangya is a good way to see the disadvantage of this game so we can try our best to ignore and avoid it at all cost.

The top 5 list will be reviewed by me. I will try my best to lean towards the larger audiences perspective instead of using my own opinion alone. Tune in next week as I will write one article for one side, and the next article for the other side.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I have my own game dood!

It has been at least a week since I broadcasted on Justin.TV. My next game will be Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360. Since the game won't be out until Wednesday, I wanted to find a simple game to broadcast. Then I stumbled upon this game.

Prinnies were first introduced from an Anime strategy game called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness that was released five years ago. Prinnies weren't the main Characters, but they were like the game's mascot that most people find these penguins memorable. Now these penguins will have their own game.

This title is one of those typical side-scroller games where you have to go through each levels and face the boss at the end. Nothing to original, but it's basic enough for me to play it while I wait on Star Ocean. I am familiar with the Prinnies, but I never actually got to play any of the Disgaea games before. I know it may sound wierd coming from an RPG fanatic, but I just haven't got around to playing it. So anyways, I'll be broadcasting this game on Justin.TV tonight. See you there dood!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why so serious Pangya?

Hello Pangya readers! Do you ever stop for a minute and think to yourself if you take Pangya to seriously? Taking the game seriously doesn't automatically make you bad person, but there are certain levels that also needs to be toned down or else you may overwhelm yourself. Consequences may depends on your skill level, time management, and the community. These three things are mostly what people will experience in Pangya.

Pangya is one of those games that revolves around trial and error. Spending time leveling up is not going to make you a better player unless you pay attention to your actions. And yes, you need some basic understanding on math too. Players who decides to step up their game would have to take notes, and study the course carefully if they want to have high records. Being able to understand the game mechanics may feel very rewarding to you, but if you are not careful, you may end up feeling aggravated. Some players who thinks of themselves as an elite only strives for pure perfection. To pull that off, it will take weeks or even months to reach that goal. Right when you almost got perfection, and you made one false move that you spent so much time on would make any person feel agitated. But remember, being a professional player isn't the only way to have fun in this game. There are players who doesn't do any math, and are still having fun as of today. If you ever want to become really good at this game, be sure to at least learn a few on your own first before randomly asking anyone for help. I'm sure there are many veterans who would be happy to give a few pointers, but don't expect them to do all the work for you. And remember, it's only a game.

Just like any other MMO games, you have to dedicate your time into the game if you want things to improve. Instead of trying to get everything at once, try to take it slow and do things one step at a time. You got plenty of time to do what you wanted to do, and if you do all the things very quickly, you won't have anything else left to do. If you ever want to earn lots of experience or pang, then grinding would be the best option. Grinding is not bad to do once in awhile, but don't turn it into a habit or else you will be damaging your body. Don't keep playing nonstop either, do take breaks in every session if you need to. Don't force yourself if you are tired or don't feel like playing. Chances are, if you keep pushing your limit, you may lose concentration and your performance falters that will make you ill. Also, don't forget that there's another world besides Pangya that needs to be taken care of as well. Manage your time accordingly, and don't forget to take care of your body. You want to be sure you live long enough to be playing your favorite game of Pangya. And remember, it's only a game.

Pangya isn't all about the sport, it's also about interaction with other people. Everyone is playing for the same reason as you, to have fun. Well I hope that's the only reason... Talking to players is like talking to a stranger in front of you. If you like to be respected, then show the same outcome back to the community. Forming or joining guilds adds more depth to getting along and making new friends. Find friends who will be there for you in case you need some encouragement. It's ok to debate on certain issues with people, but be sure you do it properly and not trying to boost your own ego in the same process to get your point across. If you are somehow getting involved in an argument, ask yourself if it's really worth the trouble or not. In most cases, most arguments are pointless. So there's no point in continuing an argument when everything will be forgotten later on. Don't ever hold a grudge over certain people or else it may ruin your fun on Pangya. Try to avoid making enemies either, and most important of all, don't get too involved over unimportant things that you gain nothing from. Always state your opinion in first person perspective. I can't believe how many times most people don't understand the true meaning of the word, opinion. First person means "I" point of view. Another funny moment is where people will quote someone's opinion and disagrees with you in hope to change your mind. You simply cannot argue over someone's opinion on things. Both opinions and arguments don't mix together, and I don't think it'll ever get any better. Notice on that last sentence that I said "I don't think it'll ever get any better." That was written in my own personal opinion. If I ever said, "it will never get any better," then I would be vulnerable for someone to take control of my factual statement that could be proven and thus making my statement incorrect. This whole debate on handling the community could go on forever, but just remember to not get to involved or else you may lash at the community because you are taking things way to seriously. Take a deep breath and remember, it's only a game.

Play the game and enjoy it. Don't worry to much about other things. If you worry to much, there are going to be problems that you will get distracted. Try to find things to make the game more enjoyable to you, and avoid taking things to seriously. Because, it's only a game.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hanbitsoft contract expires

Hanbitsoft in conjunction with Ntreev will end their services on March 11, 2009 since their contract will expire on that day. Ntreev will continue their Pangya service to bring more enjoyable updates in the upcoming years. If you wish to continue playing Pangya, you will need to register your existing account under Ntreev.

An application will be opened on February 26th ~ March 10th (Korea's date). There will be a page opened up for existing players to register their information to transfer their accounts. It has not be mentioned, but it's highly possible they may ask for personal information for a successful transfer. Everyone must do this on the according date or else your account(s) will not transfer through. Your belongings such as your records, pang, items, and cookies will be carried over.

On March 10th, Hanbitsoft will end their service and bids farewell to Ntreev. Then on March 11th, Pangya services will be handled solely by Ntreev, and they will take command once again. After all this mess, everything will be back to normal. New account registrations after Hanbit's departure will not need to transfer their belongings to Ntreev.

(February 2004 ~ March 2009)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finished Valkyria Chronicles

I have finally completed Valkyria Chronicles last night. I thank all the viewers from Justin.TV for watching me play through this game to the very end. There were lots of moments where I got frustrated, but I managed to pull through just fine. Overall, I had a great time with this game than I expected. This is truly Sega's masterpiece in my book, and it's sad to see that this game has not been given much recognition that it deserves. As much as I want a sequel to this, it won't ever happen since Sega is in a tight spot right now, and the praise this game received from USA is not in high demand either. I think I may have inspired some people to get this game too from what I've read in the chat room on Justin.TV. So I'm happy to have played this game on LIVE hoping to inspired other people to try this game out too.

So now that I'm finished with Valkyria Chronicles, what's my next game to play on Justin.TV? I'm thinking about this one when it comes out next week. So I may not be broadcasting much until then. I may have Brighton come over to play Street Fighter 4 sometime this week whenever we both have some free time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ntreev saves the day

Sounds very promising. A new hope for Alba... I mean Pangya US.

Now if they change the price on Auto-calipers, and being able to buy or sell eCard rares in PSqua.... I mean Pangya World, that would be super.

And most importantly, a stronger Gameguard update to fight against those hackers who are ruining the experience for all of us.

I'm looking forward to see how this will go next month. Say goodbye to Astros, and welcome back to Cookies again.


Pangya KR Consideration

Even though Albatross18 is going to shut down, it's not going to affect my schedule of playing Pangya at all. I dedicated myself to Pangya KR since the beginning of last year, and worked my way up to surpass my current A18 status. Albatross18 was lacking in many ways that it'll take decades to list them all out. So probably like most of you, I decided to leave A18 and move toward a Pangya server with high potentials. To run away from the wretched server of A18.

But now, I feel as if someone is going to take Korea away from me. A certain someone or a group that will purposely or accidentally rub the Korean communities the wrong way. The kind of people who likes to cause trouble is something beyond our grasp. Just let the moderators ban them and move on. But for those who are planning to try out Pangya KR will need to know how to say out of trouble.

I'm pretty sure the Koreans know about A18's departure, and that they are worried about the A18 players are going to dominate their server to ruin their gaming experience. Things like begging for help, and typing in foreign language in the chat will most likely result in harming the rest of the innocent foreign players who are obeying the server rules.

I will like to list all of the things from the top of my head to avoid angering the Korean community, and hopefully this list will help you to stay out of trouble if you plan to move your Pangya career to this server.

1. Don't speak or pretend you know the language
With the news about Albatross18 shutting down, if Korean players are to see foreign language in their server, it's a sign that they are invading their server. Only speak to close friends via PM or whispers. Don't ever announce publicly if anyone speaks your language just to find someone to talk to. Also, don't even pretend you know their language either. If you continue to speak in simple words, that is another indicator that you are a foreigner. Just listen to music if the silence ends up making you uncomfortable, or use voice chat like Vent to keep you occupy.

2. Try blending in
Avoid standing out in the crowd, and try to blend in with the rest. It would be preferable to have a Korean name, but the problem lies within changing your nickname will cost five cookies. Also don't have foreign language when you open up your shop. A simple smiley face, or special characters are fine. I seen Korean people use this too.

3. Don't be a beggar
This is absolutely that you must avoid doing. Who doesn't like having someone begging you for free stuff for someone you don't even know? You will most likely get reported fast, and prepare to get one step closer to get kicked out of their server for good. They don't tolerate that stuff, I don't either, and neither does anyone else. You can beg to your mommy to get what you want, but not to strangers in the real world.

4. Avoid approach mode system
This is another way that will piss them off. The new approach mode system will have several different missions that all players will need to cooperative. Failing to do so will automatically get you booted in the next round, and possibility never coming back. There is a guild dedicated to organizing the room, and to keep track on players. There are even room rules outside of the missions that players need to follow. Sometimes before the game starts, you may get questioned if they have never seen you before, or to test to see if you are a foreigner or not. So to put it simply, don't go there. Perhaps in the near future we can organize our own private Approach mode room. The more players in the room, the higher chance of getting a mission on each hole.

5. Careful on guild's reputation
If you plan to make a guild, be sure your guild mates are well behaved. If one guild member gets in trouble, it could very well damage your guild's reputation. So be sure you let people that you know that won't cause any trouble in your guild.

6. Stay low
When you are playing on Pangya KR, don't try and act dominant. Do not act like you are an important player to get the attention that you are trying to accomplish. You are invading their server and pretty much their property. Get in there, play in the tournaments, play VS with your close friends, and that's it. I don't think they mind foreigners to play as long as they stay low, and mind their manners. Also, don't expect to participate in events to receive prizes shipped to you since this is only for Korean residences. However, most events are based on items in-game.

If anyone would like to add into this list, you may mention it on your comments. I also may add more as I see fit that needs to be addressed. If many of you already knew how to handle your visit on Pangya KR, then I thank you for respecting their server. It would be good to spread the word around whether it's in the forum or your own blog.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

See ya A18

Albatross18 Players,

We are sorry to announce that Albatross18 will be closing its services. We have had some good times, but the servers will be going down. For the time being, you will still be able to play, and until the servers go down on March 10th, you can use your Astros to make purchases from the shop or from any other OGPlanet game.

In fact, we think you will love our other games so much, we will give you special prizes just for trying them out. If you create a new character in Rumble Fighter, CABAL Online, or La Tale between now and March 8th, we will give you a special item to help get you further in the games faster. Note that players will only receive special items for characters created during this period and only for games in which they did not previously already have a character.

So, for now, enjoy Albatross18 and remember to try our other games before March 8th to get your free gifts! We are currently working with the developer on the future of the game and we will make an announcement once we have more information. Until then, will keep Albatross18 running smoothly until the servers go down on March 10th. We are glad that we could share all of these good times with you and we hope to share more in the other OGPlanet games!


You wanted your late updates and event? Well you got it!


Attention Albatross18 Players,

As part of the closing process, we have now closed the shop. Do not worry though, as your Astros will still be accepted in any of OGPlanet̢۪s other games. We appreciate your patience as we work with the developers to smoothly close Albatross18.

- OGP Admin

News Source:
Event Source:
Transition Source:

Not all that surprising really. There were so many hints that indicated that they were going to drop the ball soon enough, but I didn't know THIS soon. Oh well, back to KR.

EDIT: If nothing is done on our accounts in the near future, then I'll add my final statement on March 10th here. So stay tuned to hear my stories and experience on Albatross18 on the 10th of March. The time I first began on October 2005 when Season One has released from public beta. So look forward to it, it'll be lengthy. : )

Monday, February 9, 2009

KR Update (2-10-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 6:00 PM. A one hour delay has been announced ( I knew it). Servers will officially open at 9:00 AM (7:00 PM EST).

Valentine Event Update:
- Two week period event (2-10 ~ 2-24)
- Five girls with heart containers
- Hole Cup drop event to fill up girl's heart
- Exclusive chocolate stick item

There will be an event page that you can view on the main screen when you first get into the server. As you play, you may receive a gift popping out from the hole along with a girl's name. The gift will increase the heart containers to that specific girl. Once the heart gauge reaches full, simply click on the heart to receive a gift for that specific girl. Each girls can only receive one gift per account. You may use any motion item to receive two gift boxes instead of one to speed up the process. You do not have to use any female Characters for this event.

That certain gift you will receive is a chocolate heart stick. It will be equipped in their... mouth! (and oddly enough, it counts as a nose equipment) This is simply a decoration item that doesn't give any benefits much like the Devil Tail's lotto item.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poll Discussion: Pangya's 10th Char.

Last week ago, I created a poll on what you think will be Pangya's next Character after Lucia. I thank all of you for your participation with over 100 votes before today's deadline. As a result, the majority has voted that it'll be a young male Character. Will this be Korea's tenth Character?

I thought the very same thing that the next Character will be a young boy. Maybe around Kooh's age. There are currently 4 male and 5 females for a total of 9 Characters. To match up the gender ratio, it would make sense to add in a guy. The next question would be the age group. Judging how popularity would go, either a young or a teenage guy would be best suited. Bob has already fulfilled the role of the old man part.

I've been eying on this one Character for a long time that has been popping up in their artworks lately. I first discovered this unknown Character when I saw him on a Pangya site long ago. Then later, I find more artwork pictures of him in Super Swing Golf, and now Pangya Portable too.

Seen this boy before? I am predicting that he is the tenth Character. Judging from the picture, he looks sort of like a mechanic or a pilot. I'm sure his background story will have some influence on Pangya island rather than some idol singer that came out of nowhere.

Even though he could have appeared in Season 4, I assume they released Lucia instead for popularity purposes. I'd say it's a good move for them because before Lucia appeared there was a 4:4 gender ratio anyways. So their decision to release either a male or female Character is pretty much one sided.

But like I said before, this is only a prediction coming from me. Who knows, they could release another female Character for the sole purpose of adding more money in their pockets. But if most of you really think the next Character will be a male, then I think Ntreev will respond to that same concept too. But first, lets give them time for more important things since they are in the works of making Season 5 at the moment. ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Becoming a JTV Producer?

On December 2008, Justin.TV brought in something new to reward broadcasters for their hard work. Once you become a Justin.TV producer, you will be featured on the frontpage where everyone can see it when they first go in. More info located here:

At first, I thought only JTV staff selects what they think should be producers. But, I didn't see that you could email to become a producer. Of course, they will have to check your channel first before the decision.

The benefits for becoming a producer are:
- Get on the Front Page
- Featured on the Directory
- Fancy Badges
- Make longer Clips
- Feature your own Clips
More info here

So I decided to send my email today hoping that I can become a producer myself. Here's what I wrote:

Hello Tia. My name is Rich, but I'm also known as Sweatdrop from the Justin.TV community. I am writing this letter in hoping to be more closer to the JTV community, and that's becoming a producer. I started broadcasting around July 2008 until now. I broadcast video games that people can enjoy watching and have discussions upon upcoming games, and so forth. I really enjoy talking to players about the gaming world, and have a few laughs involved too.

I think I deserve to be a producer because I want people to come into a gaming channel where they can easily jump in the excitement and enjoy themselves. I have great mods to keep the chat clean so it has become very organized where everyone is civil. I also have a large variety of games and consoles to play so chatters will expect many different games from me. Sometimes when I broadcast a game that people are not familiar with and they see how much I'm having fun with it, they decide to get the game because of me. I respond to my chatters too (microphone) so they will experience interaction with not only the chatters, but with me too.

I appreciate your time for viewing this message. My Justin.TV channel is: I do hope to become a future producer of Justin.TV and thanks again for your time.

Well I hope that message is good enough. I did type that while I'm at work, and I didn't spend to much time on it either. But, I'm sure that's all I needed to say and get to the point.

I'll let you guys know if I become a producer or not. If so, virtual drinks are on me. I'm curious how many of you watch my gaming channel? And do you think I have a chance to become a producer on Justin.TV? Let me know, thanks.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pangya Pro Deduction

Online Pangya is just like any other MMO (massively multiplayer online) games out there where you need to keep playing to earn in-game currency and leveling up. Unlike most online games, Pangya's leveling system is a bit different. Leveling up in Pangya doesn't make you play better, but using math skills is the key to become a Pangya pro player. I think this is where it creates a problem for some players who doesn't understand this. When you play against a player with a very low rank, you get the impression that the player is a weakling that can be defeated easily. That may be the case at times, but mostly it's not true. Your rank goes higher the more the play the game, but it doesn't necessary improve your skills.

Let's get the simple facts straight, this is not World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy where leveling up makes you stronger and more powerful. The only advantage for leveling up is to receive a free power upgrade once you increase your power over "20." A player who has played for three years can be defeated by a player who has played for one year. The difference between these two players highly depends on how much they take this game to the next level. The best way to learn is by taking notes and understand the mechanics to improve your plays.

Most players will make a decision whether to play the game for fun, or want to master the game for the satisfaction. Other players would also take the dark path of using a calculator or hacking tools. The rules are clearly stated that no calculators and hacking allowed, but that doesn't stop people from hiding their true identity by using a virtual game to do something illegal. Now this too creates another problem. The problem is determining if that person is not playing legitimately. Most people will complain if a low rank player scores high, and may end up getting reported because both their rank and score doesn't fit the bill. As a result, you may try to login again and you end up getting banned no matter if you were innocent or not.

Pangya is one of those online games that is hard to determine if players are playing legit or the wrong way. Especially showing evidences about a player using a calculator. The only true way of knowing is if the player confesses that they do it. You cannot joke around saying that you use a calculator or cheats even if you never do it. You will most likely get banned whether you never touched a cheating tool or a calculator at all.

It really comes down to the people who are either jealous, insecure, or both. Jealous types never learn the mechanics behind this game and ends up denigrating players who performs better than them. Insecure players uses cheats to get high ratings for their own pleasure that they cannot do without. With these kind of people and cheating going on, you really question if this game is a mess. In some way it is, but it can be overcome easily. Pangya is not the only MMO that has these kind of issues either. All you have to do is ignore most of the negatives, and play the game to have fun like you were suppose to.

Socializing with players long enough will earn you great reputation that may be good enough to join the good guys. While you are having fun with the good folks, leave the bad people behind and let them rot alone. Sure, they may come back to drag you down again, but as long as you keep cool and know that you are much better than them, then that's what counts the most. Pangya is also part of real world socieity too. These people may use their own personality in-game just like how they react in real life. There are good and bad people in planet Earth and the world of Pangya. Welcome to online gaming.

Monday, February 2, 2009

KR Update (2-3-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 6:00 PM. Servers will officially open at 8:00 AM (6:00 PM EST).

Content Removal:
Hanbok outfits for all Character

I suppose next week they will release their Valentine's event. I'm glad there's no update for once since I'll be busy playing Valkyria Chronicles this week.