Friday, February 6, 2009

Becoming a JTV Producer?

On December 2008, Justin.TV brought in something new to reward broadcasters for their hard work. Once you become a Justin.TV producer, you will be featured on the frontpage where everyone can see it when they first go in. More info located here:

At first, I thought only JTV staff selects what they think should be producers. But, I didn't see that you could email to become a producer. Of course, they will have to check your channel first before the decision.

The benefits for becoming a producer are:
- Get on the Front Page
- Featured on the Directory
- Fancy Badges
- Make longer Clips
- Feature your own Clips
More info here

So I decided to send my email today hoping that I can become a producer myself. Here's what I wrote:

Hello Tia. My name is Rich, but I'm also known as Sweatdrop from the Justin.TV community. I am writing this letter in hoping to be more closer to the JTV community, and that's becoming a producer. I started broadcasting around July 2008 until now. I broadcast video games that people can enjoy watching and have discussions upon upcoming games, and so forth. I really enjoy talking to players about the gaming world, and have a few laughs involved too.

I think I deserve to be a producer because I want people to come into a gaming channel where they can easily jump in the excitement and enjoy themselves. I have great mods to keep the chat clean so it has become very organized where everyone is civil. I also have a large variety of games and consoles to play so chatters will expect many different games from me. Sometimes when I broadcast a game that people are not familiar with and they see how much I'm having fun with it, they decide to get the game because of me. I respond to my chatters too (microphone) so they will experience interaction with not only the chatters, but with me too.

I appreciate your time for viewing this message. My Justin.TV channel is: I do hope to become a future producer of Justin.TV and thanks again for your time.

Well I hope that message is good enough. I did type that while I'm at work, and I didn't spend to much time on it either. But, I'm sure that's all I needed to say and get to the point.

I'll let you guys know if I become a producer or not. If so, virtual drinks are on me. I'm curious how many of you watch my gaming channel? And do you think I have a chance to become a producer on Justin.TV? Let me know, thanks.