Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pangya KR Consideration

Even though Albatross18 is going to shut down, it's not going to affect my schedule of playing Pangya at all. I dedicated myself to Pangya KR since the beginning of last year, and worked my way up to surpass my current A18 status. Albatross18 was lacking in many ways that it'll take decades to list them all out. So probably like most of you, I decided to leave A18 and move toward a Pangya server with high potentials. To run away from the wretched server of A18.

But now, I feel as if someone is going to take Korea away from me. A certain someone or a group that will purposely or accidentally rub the Korean communities the wrong way. The kind of people who likes to cause trouble is something beyond our grasp. Just let the moderators ban them and move on. But for those who are planning to try out Pangya KR will need to know how to say out of trouble.

I'm pretty sure the Koreans know about A18's departure, and that they are worried about the A18 players are going to dominate their server to ruin their gaming experience. Things like begging for help, and typing in foreign language in the chat will most likely result in harming the rest of the innocent foreign players who are obeying the server rules.

I will like to list all of the things from the top of my head to avoid angering the Korean community, and hopefully this list will help you to stay out of trouble if you plan to move your Pangya career to this server.

1. Don't speak or pretend you know the language
With the news about Albatross18 shutting down, if Korean players are to see foreign language in their server, it's a sign that they are invading their server. Only speak to close friends via PM or whispers. Don't ever announce publicly if anyone speaks your language just to find someone to talk to. Also, don't even pretend you know their language either. If you continue to speak in simple words, that is another indicator that you are a foreigner. Just listen to music if the silence ends up making you uncomfortable, or use voice chat like Vent to keep you occupy.

2. Try blending in
Avoid standing out in the crowd, and try to blend in with the rest. It would be preferable to have a Korean name, but the problem lies within changing your nickname will cost five cookies. Also don't have foreign language when you open up your shop. A simple smiley face, or special characters are fine. I seen Korean people use this too.

3. Don't be a beggar
This is absolutely that you must avoid doing. Who doesn't like having someone begging you for free stuff for someone you don't even know? You will most likely get reported fast, and prepare to get one step closer to get kicked out of their server for good. They don't tolerate that stuff, I don't either, and neither does anyone else. You can beg to your mommy to get what you want, but not to strangers in the real world.

4. Avoid approach mode system
This is another way that will piss them off. The new approach mode system will have several different missions that all players will need to cooperative. Failing to do so will automatically get you booted in the next round, and possibility never coming back. There is a guild dedicated to organizing the room, and to keep track on players. There are even room rules outside of the missions that players need to follow. Sometimes before the game starts, you may get questioned if they have never seen you before, or to test to see if you are a foreigner or not. So to put it simply, don't go there. Perhaps in the near future we can organize our own private Approach mode room. The more players in the room, the higher chance of getting a mission on each hole.

5. Careful on guild's reputation
If you plan to make a guild, be sure your guild mates are well behaved. If one guild member gets in trouble, it could very well damage your guild's reputation. So be sure you let people that you know that won't cause any trouble in your guild.

6. Stay low
When you are playing on Pangya KR, don't try and act dominant. Do not act like you are an important player to get the attention that you are trying to accomplish. You are invading their server and pretty much their property. Get in there, play in the tournaments, play VS with your close friends, and that's it. I don't think they mind foreigners to play as long as they stay low, and mind their manners. Also, don't expect to participate in events to receive prizes shipped to you since this is only for Korean residences. However, most events are based on items in-game.

If anyone would like to add into this list, you may mention it on your comments. I also may add more as I see fit that needs to be addressed. If many of you already knew how to handle your visit on Pangya KR, then I thank you for respecting their server. It would be good to spread the word around whether it's in the forum or your own blog.