Monday, February 16, 2009

Hanbitsoft contract expires

Hanbitsoft in conjunction with Ntreev will end their services on March 11, 2009 since their contract will expire on that day. Ntreev will continue their Pangya service to bring more enjoyable updates in the upcoming years. If you wish to continue playing Pangya, you will need to register your existing account under Ntreev.

An application will be opened on February 26th ~ March 10th (Korea's date). There will be a page opened up for existing players to register their information to transfer their accounts. It has not be mentioned, but it's highly possible they may ask for personal information for a successful transfer. Everyone must do this on the according date or else your account(s) will not transfer through. Your belongings such as your records, pang, items, and cookies will be carried over.

On March 10th, Hanbitsoft will end their service and bids farewell to Ntreev. Then on March 11th, Pangya services will be handled solely by Ntreev, and they will take command once again. After all this mess, everything will be back to normal. New account registrations after Hanbit's departure will not need to transfer their belongings to Ntreev.

(February 2004 ~ March 2009)