Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pangya Pro Deduction

Online Pangya is just like any other MMO (massively multiplayer online) games out there where you need to keep playing to earn in-game currency and leveling up. Unlike most online games, Pangya's leveling system is a bit different. Leveling up in Pangya doesn't make you play better, but using math skills is the key to become a Pangya pro player. I think this is where it creates a problem for some players who doesn't understand this. When you play against a player with a very low rank, you get the impression that the player is a weakling that can be defeated easily. That may be the case at times, but mostly it's not true. Your rank goes higher the more the play the game, but it doesn't necessary improve your skills.

Let's get the simple facts straight, this is not World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy where leveling up makes you stronger and more powerful. The only advantage for leveling up is to receive a free power upgrade once you increase your power over "20." A player who has played for three years can be defeated by a player who has played for one year. The difference between these two players highly depends on how much they take this game to the next level. The best way to learn is by taking notes and understand the mechanics to improve your plays.

Most players will make a decision whether to play the game for fun, or want to master the game for the satisfaction. Other players would also take the dark path of using a calculator or hacking tools. The rules are clearly stated that no calculators and hacking allowed, but that doesn't stop people from hiding their true identity by using a virtual game to do something illegal. Now this too creates another problem. The problem is determining if that person is not playing legitimately. Most people will complain if a low rank player scores high, and may end up getting reported because both their rank and score doesn't fit the bill. As a result, you may try to login again and you end up getting banned no matter if you were innocent or not.

Pangya is one of those online games that is hard to determine if players are playing legit or the wrong way. Especially showing evidences about a player using a calculator. The only true way of knowing is if the player confesses that they do it. You cannot joke around saying that you use a calculator or cheats even if you never do it. You will most likely get banned whether you never touched a cheating tool or a calculator at all.

It really comes down to the people who are either jealous, insecure, or both. Jealous types never learn the mechanics behind this game and ends up denigrating players who performs better than them. Insecure players uses cheats to get high ratings for their own pleasure that they cannot do without. With these kind of people and cheating going on, you really question if this game is a mess. In some way it is, but it can be overcome easily. Pangya is not the only MMO that has these kind of issues either. All you have to do is ignore most of the negatives, and play the game to have fun like you were suppose to.

Socializing with players long enough will earn you great reputation that may be good enough to join the good guys. While you are having fun with the good folks, leave the bad people behind and let them rot alone. Sure, they may come back to drag you down again, but as long as you keep cool and know that you are much better than them, then that's what counts the most. Pangya is also part of real world socieity too. These people may use their own personality in-game just like how they react in real life. There are good and bad people in planet Earth and the world of Pangya. Welcome to online gaming.