Wednesday, February 25, 2009

KR: Transfering notice

Welcome to Ntreev's official website for Pangya KR. has officially open a page for all existing players who wishes to move their accounts. I have provided a very simple step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. This will be open till March 10th so make haste. If you don't transfer your exisiting account, it won't go through on March 11th.

How to transfer your account over to Ntreev.

*Use Internet Explorer only to complete this*

1) Login to (the old site, not the new site)

2) After login, you will get a pop up window. Click on the right blue button. If you have pop-up blocker on, go directly here instead.

3) Click on the two boxes to confirm the agreement and click on the blue box.

4) You may use your existing username, or change it to something different. It will only accept English and lowercase letters. The two boxes below is where you need to input your new password twice. Then below, click on the blue button on the left to confirm.

A pop-up bubble when changing your username will look like this that is translated for your convenience.

5) Once you see this message, you are done. I'm not joking, that's all you need to do. See? I told you guys to wait next week for more details. Once you click on the orange button, you will be directed to Pangya's new main page. You should check the new site out, it's really nice and load times are smoother than the old one. On the new site, you can login to your new accounts that will take effect on March 11th. You will currently be using your existing account for now to get into the game until the change takes effect on March 11th.