Saturday, February 28, 2009

JPN February Updates

The updates on Pangya Japan has been fairly decent this month compared to other Pangya servers who are getting back together due to contract expiration that Gamepot doesn't have to worry about. Due to another heavy blockage on getting into their servers yet again, there's little point in talking about a server that you can't play to begin with. It's almost like I'm doing updates on Pangya Thai that no one will bother with. But this is Nippon, where creativity and exclusives are their strongest points that simply can't be ignored.

Today is the last day for the month of February. So let's review through most of the updates that has happened in this month.

Japan has been popular in holding special events to gather players out of their homes, and show their skills in front of the audiences. Right now, the PJC 09 is underway with many different modes to compete in. As players compete in these modes, they may get a chance to be on stage and prove to Japan your otaku golf skills. Modes consist like speed, challenge, master tourneys, and many more.

Last year, they held the spring and winter championships to see who will be on top. I recorded the Spring championship on YouTube, but I never got to get the Winter season recorded. It looks like each year they keep improving on their presentation. They have remarkably improved on visuals such as showing four players on screen simultaneously that hasn't been done before. I'm going to assume they will collect the top players for each mode and host a tourney LIVE around the month of May. So if I can stay up around three in the morning to record this, then expect to see clips on my YouTube account.

Surprisingly, Japan received this update before Korea did. This event is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is play the game as usual, and you may receive a surprise box popping out from the cup. You will be rewarded two boxes if you have a special item equipped that I'm sure you know what I'm talking about since I've said this many times before. These boxes will contain a girl's name that will be added in their heart meters. Each girls will have 10 slots in their meters. Once filled up, click on the heart and you will receive a pocky stick that will be equipped in their mouth. (even though it's a nose equipment since I have confirm this already)

They also have Valentine goods on sale, and you may also receive a chocolate candy popping out from the hole that will reward you x1.2 pang at the end of the round. So unlike Korea's Valentine's event where they only had the Valentine's Chocolate stick event, Japan has pretty much dominated on who is superior for this year's Valentine's event.

This event is borrowed from Korea. A fireplace item can be set in your room that will contain sweet potatoes inside that you can collect. Each day, there will be two potatoes for you and your friends too if you let them in your room. The normal potato will grant you 5% experience boost for two hours, and if you are lucky you may pull a golden cooked potato that will give you 50% experience boost. These potatoes are treated like the time limit cards, and you may choose to use them whenever you want.

Also there is a caddies and clothes discount sales going on in the shop. Everything will be 30% from the regular price. This includes purchasing new caddies and the renewing fees. The discount prices on the outfits are specifics only so not the entire fashion wears are reduced.

On February 12th, Kooh is celebrating her 4th anniversary in JPN Pangya. She was first introduced on 2-12-05 way back in Season one. This event will provide a black box that may contain a Gachapon rare that you may have missed before. However, the amount of rares contain in these black boxes are limited, and there's a list to see what rares you can win on the page. This is similar to the Gacha grab bags that you can purchase that may contain a Gachapon rare that you may have missed out. Even though you can't buy or sell these kinds of rares in PSquare, at least they are nice enough to bring them back for another chance to win those rares. However, you need lots of money and luck if you are planning to do this.

Another voice clubset has released again. The stats is a little bit better from the first voice clubs, and there will be new voices from the same voice actors from the previous voice clubsets. The pink voice clubset will be available in the shop and will cost cookies. That clubset will remain in the shop for a full month. The Chemical blue voice clubset can be won in the Gachapon lotto and that is where you get the full stats and large variety of voices instead of the pink clubset. Just like the old voice clubsets, the cookie version will have 11 control, while the gachapon club will have full 12.

The cookie version will have a total of 5 voices for each, while the gachapon club will have 15 for each Characters. But why 15? It's because they added voices when you sink your ball into the cup. Voices will be played out depending on what you scored on that hole. So if you get a Birdie, they will make a happy sound. Get a bogey and hear them rant. It's a nice feature, but it may get annoying? The gachapon clubset will have your Character's voice yell out "Pangya!" and the cookie version will be the default Pangya sound fx. Lucia's Pajamas is also included in the gachapon lotto as well.