Tuesday, February 10, 2009

See ya A18

Albatross18 Players,

We are sorry to announce that Albatross18 will be closing its services. We have had some good times, but the servers will be going down. For the time being, you will still be able to play, and until the servers go down on March 10th, you can use your Astros to make purchases from the shop or from any other OGPlanet game.

In fact, we think you will love our other games so much, we will give you special prizes just for trying them out. If you create a new character in Rumble Fighter, CABAL Online, or La Tale between now and March 8th, we will give you a special item to help get you further in the games faster. Note that players will only receive special items for characters created during this period and only for games in which they did not previously already have a character.

So, for now, enjoy Albatross18 and remember to try our other games before March 8th to get your free gifts! We are currently working with the developer on the future of the game and we will make an announcement once we have more information. Until then, will keep Albatross18 running smoothly until the servers go down on March 10th. We are glad that we could share all of these good times with you and we hope to share more in the other OGPlanet games!


You wanted your late updates and event? Well you got it!


Attention Albatross18 Players,

As part of the closing process, we have now closed the shop. Do not worry though, as your Astros will still be accepted in any of OGPlanet̢۪s other games. We appreciate your patience as we work with the developers to smoothly close Albatross18.

- OGP Admin

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Not all that surprising really. There were so many hints that indicated that they were going to drop the ball soon enough, but I didn't know THIS soon. Oh well, back to KR.

EDIT: If nothing is done on our accounts in the near future, then I'll add my final statement on March 10th here. So stay tuned to hear my stories and experience on Albatross18 on the 10th of March. The time I first began on October 2005 when Season One has released from public beta. So look forward to it, it'll be lengthy. : )