Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poll Discussion: Pangya's 10th Char.

Last week ago, I created a poll on what you think will be Pangya's next Character after Lucia. I thank all of you for your participation with over 100 votes before today's deadline. As a result, the majority has voted that it'll be a young male Character. Will this be Korea's tenth Character?

I thought the very same thing that the next Character will be a young boy. Maybe around Kooh's age. There are currently 4 male and 5 females for a total of 9 Characters. To match up the gender ratio, it would make sense to add in a guy. The next question would be the age group. Judging how popularity would go, either a young or a teenage guy would be best suited. Bob has already fulfilled the role of the old man part.

I've been eying on this one Character for a long time that has been popping up in their artworks lately. I first discovered this unknown Character when I saw him on a Pangya site long ago. Then later, I find more artwork pictures of him in Super Swing Golf, and now Pangya Portable too.

Seen this boy before? I am predicting that he is the tenth Character. Judging from the picture, he looks sort of like a mechanic or a pilot. I'm sure his background story will have some influence on Pangya island rather than some idol singer that came out of nowhere.

Even though he could have appeared in Season 4, I assume they released Lucia instead for popularity purposes. I'd say it's a good move for them because before Lucia appeared there was a 4:4 gender ratio anyways. So their decision to release either a male or female Character is pretty much one sided.

But like I said before, this is only a prediction coming from me. Who knows, they could release another female Character for the sole purpose of adding more money in their pockets. But if most of you really think the next Character will be a male, then I think Ntreev will respond to that same concept too. But first, lets give them time for more important things since they are in the works of making Season 5 at the moment. ;)