Friday, October 17, 2008

God Hand

One of Clover's final and interesting game to release on the Playstation 2 is God Hand. This game is somewhat of an oddity, but in a good way. You control the main character, Jean, and you attain the God Hand that can beat the living crap out of anyone that comes in your way.

You will encounter very odd enemies along the way. Whether it'll be a dressed homosexuals who have the hots for you, to ripoffs power rangers. The physics in this game is broken. You can juggle your enemies for long periods of time, baseball bat them to the skies, and even a little kick in the crown jewels where it hurts. I question about the game's wackiness, but as long as it feels rewarding to spank your enemies behind, this game is good enough for me.

So why am I bringing this game up? I'm going to play it tomorrow. I heavily got inspired to play it due to this trailer.