Monday, October 13, 2008

KR Update (10-13-08)

Hello Pangya players. Pangya Season 4 Delight will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM that will last 4 hours. Eastern time converts to 3:00 ~ 7:00 PM. No delays has been announced. Servers will officially open at 8:00 AM (7:00 PM EDT)

Content Update:

1) Cecilia Motion Item Update
- BlankFire-03 Camo
- BlankFire-02
- BlankFire-01

2) Haptic2 Free Phoenix Event
- TPL Phoenix ball - Login attendance

3) Pangya Guilds
- Guild anti-resistance online preliminary round has ended

Content Information:

Cecilia fans will be pleased that this update is all about her today. She has received an item that changes her animations. There are three sets of earrings that gives you a different chopper colors. Only her intro and alba/hio animations will be changed if you have the earring equipped.

It equips at the ear slot, so there's no worry about having to overlap an item for this earring. Accuracy+1 and Spin+1. Receive 3 Pangs for each Pangya, and 2 Pangs for a miss Pangya. Treasure Points rate increases, and event items will pop two out instead of one.

Now Max, Bob, Scout, Hana, Kaz, and Cecilia have their own items that performs new motion animations like this. Only Kooh, Arin, and Lucia remains. Who's going to be next to have their own item.

Cecilia's New Animation demo

You will receive 10x free TPL Phoenix Ball when logging in each day. You can only receive the gift once per day, and the gift duration will last up to four weeks. From now till the 11th of November. Take advantage of this free gift from Haptic2. Remember Korea's timezone well so you know when to log in to receive this free gift.

In Other News:

You will still receive 10x free Angel Sea Urchin Phoenix Ball attendance as you login each day. What a treat.

Korea settled with a last resort to IP block players who are logging in from Brazil. This action started around the 10th of October. Rumors on the KR Pangya forum said that there were Brazilians spamming the lobby early morning where GMs were not online to handle it. This isn't the first time that this happened.

Who knows if that was the reason why they decided to block on that day, or they had plans to block from the very beginning. I'm sure a simple matter of using proxy or IP changer, and it'll be back to normal regardless. USA IP is not blocked since I can log in just fine. Other countries should be fine too. Just... be on their good side when you are playing their server ok? Don't beg for cookies either, because they will get you banned if you happen to get reported by the players. I do not think they accept cookie trading anymore, I hardly see people doing that now unless they are doing it privately now.

Brie's Magic Box... please be fixed soon ok?

This concludes the projectg531.pak update for the 13th of October in Korea.

Another quick reminder that I hope you guys are crediting me for these translations if you want to use this info on your own blog or forum sites there. Thank you.