Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good ol' Dreamcast & Shenmue

I had good times with Sega's last console, the Dreamcast. I grew very attached to it since it was the revolutionary console back in the days before the PS2 and Xbox arrived. I mean... what consoles as of today has a memory card (VMU = Visual Memory Unit) that has a screen with d-pads and two buttons? I remember on the Sonic games that you can get your Chaos from the game, and put it into your memory card to interact with it. It was like a revolutionary tamagotchi type of deal.

So why am I bringing it up? Because there was this "one" game that is the most beautiful revolutionary title for the Dreamcast system. Back then, I've always wanted to play a game where it felt like you're in the real world. Interact with people, daily life routine, free roaming, etc. And that "one" game satisfied all that I've ever wanted in a video game. That "one" game is,


This game features an Adventure, RPG, Fighting, and Simulator experience all in one package. You begin to notice how the atmosphere feels so alive when you first get into the city. There's so much you can do in this game that adds tons of gameplay time that you will cherish every moment. That's not to say that this game is for everybody though since this game does require a bit of patience, and asking people the same questions over and over for clues. But nevertheless, this is Dreamcast's finest title in their library of games no question.

And right now, I feel like I want to play this game again. To get the nostalgic feeling that I had a long time ago as to why I loved this game. I'm sure the game won't be as promising when I first played it, but I just miss that type of game that I haven't played in a long time.

It's hard to revisit Shenmue again since I've sold my Dreamcast a long time ago. I would have to order it on eBay, and then get the game. I'm going to check on eBay for now to see if I can find a good deal. If I come across a good price for both Dreamcast and Shenmue, then I will definitely buy it! But again, I'm not sure if I'm deciding this or not. It's just as of now, I just want to play Shenmue all of a sudden. Maybe I'll shake this feeling about buying this game again, or not. We'll see.

EDIT: I've decided to buy Shenmue 2. I've played Shenmue 2 before, but never got to finish it. It's a Xbox title, but it will fully work on the Xbox 360. I found a good price on eBay for only $8.

For your viewing pleasure, here are two videos of Shenmue that are modded and are merely just mockups. Funny as hell.