Thursday, October 23, 2008

A18 Halloween 2008

This year's Halloween content is the best update in AlbatrossSE...18 history. Lets look back from 2005 ~ 2008's Halloween updates.

October 28th, 2005

I do not remember if this update was before or after open beta has finished. This event was nothing new. Just free cap and candy. I believe I first joined A18 right after this event has ended.

October 18th, 2006

So here we have another chance to get a pumpkin cap for one Character only. Just go to the shop, and purchase the one you want for free. Then there are candy items that you can purchase in the shop to get double the amount of experience points. Pumpkin phoenix is in the shop too, but you will receive ten of them gifted to your accounts.

October 18th, 2007

Now here's a good content wise update. Revisit items from two years ago plus clothes, accessories, and seasonal club set. If you purchase the club set, you will get the pumpkin phoenix ball for free. The special part for this seasonal update is that the devil horns is a pang item. People who can't afford or purchase Astros will not be left out in this update. The ladies get their entire outfit set to show their darker tone.

October 23rd, 2008

Compared to three years ago, this one single banner for this year doesn't look promising. But if you read that small print closely, you will be quite surprised how much content is cram into this update. This update even includes the most controversial item since Season 2, the wings. Last year's content are back with a few additions added like Halloween seasonal clothes for the guys, and seasonal eCard sets.

However, there are two... no... three things missing this year. Candies is one of them, but since they already brought Ice Mochi in the shop for a limited time, I wouldn't see why you need more xp items. It wouldn't hurt to add candies anyways for seasonal purposes, but I guess no sweets for you this year. Secondly, the pumpkin hats. They don't provide any stat boost at all, but it's still a nice little item to have. Not to mention the eyes glow on the cap that looks extremely cool. And lastly, the candy box event. Both Korea and Japan had them last year, and this year and yet A18 refuses to bring this fun event over to this server.

Overall though, it looks like the community are appreciating OGP for this update. Let's listen to a few words from the players that concerns about today's Halloween update!

"OGP finally did something right, allow us to all extend a hand of gratitude toward the people responsible for the deployment of the Angel Wings." - Kibs from IntotheRough

"I was there as soon as servers opened back up, and I proceeded to become a little kid in a candy store over Arin (as always)." - Kanashimi from Tiki's Spellbook

*Expression shown on picture* - Zap610 from OGP forum

"WhAT r tha wiings d0es?!%%" - random nub


I'm sure we've already discussed about the wing's effect, and what's so special about them. I used to be one of the people back in Season two that went crazy over these wings. Years has passed, and still no signs on wings. So I took the liberty to get them on KR Pangya myself, and so I did. So right now the wing release for today is nothing spectacular to me, but that was my decision for not waiting for them.

As a refresher, I will explain what both of the wings do. Sometimes I need a refresher because it has been awhile since I explained this.

Angel Wings

- Cost 200,000 pangs in shop (suppose to be 190k like every other servers)
- Accuracy +1
- Must have 3% or lower quit rate & Amateur E or above level for this item to be seen and purchase from Shop
- If quit rate goes over 3%, you will not see it in the shop nor can equip if you own one.
- Cannot gift Angel Wings to different accounts
- Cannot sell Angel Wings in PSquare
- Your gender icon will change indicating that you have Angel Wings equipped
- Have to purchase the wings individually on each Character. The wings does not overlap any item that you may have equipped (except Devil Wings)
- Angel Wings owner will have the glowy hand effect automatically when equipped.
- Item drop rate increases because of the glowy hand effect from Angel Wing's effect.
- Players that plays a VS game with someone with Angel Wings equipped will receive the glowy hand power after you complete one game. The glowy hand effect will disappear if you switch servers or log out. You can only obtain the glowy hand effect in VS mode with at least one Angel wing user. Cannot receive this effect in Tournament Mode.
- Players that receives the glowy hand effect can use the effect for high item drop rate.
- Angel Bonus is awarded if Angel Wing user hits Pangya. Players in the same room in VS mode will receive the bonus depending on their level. Rookies=7PP, Beginner=5PP, Junior-Senior=3PP, Amateur & above=1PP. The wearer of the Angel Wings will not receive the bonus while others will. In tournament mode, the Angel Bonus will display "?" and no one receives any bonuses.

Devil Wings

- Cost 120 Astros in shop
- Quit Rate doe not matter with this wing
- Accuracy +1
- Level requirement is Junior E or higher
- Have to purchase the wings individually on each Character. The wings does not overlap any item that you may have equipped. (except Angel Wings)
- For each Pangya you hit, you gain 1 pang from "Devil Bonus". You obtain the bonus, and no one else. Will receive Devil Bonus both VS and Tournament mode.
- The more players that equips Devil Wings, the higher chance of bad weather to occur. When bad weather occurs, it will continue on each hole you proceed depending on how many that has the Devil Wings equipped in a VS or Tourney match. The maximum limit of bad weather will only go up to 3 holes, then it'll stop. (even though the description on A18 said two is the max. Someone check on that to see which is correct)

So what are your thoughts about today's update? Whether it's good, bad, or neutral, we like to hear it from you anyways. Let's hear it!

Btw, I had 44 leftover eCards so I decided to test my worst luck in this game. I do want to save them for Crimson Ring, and Fairy Wings so I decided to do only four scratches today.

On my 3rd scratch...

Holy shiitake mushrooms

At least it wasn't Cecilia this time. Usually that would be the first thing I would win for a Character that I don't even use. Hana is precisely the perfect choice for me yosha.