Friday, October 24, 2008

GH: World Tour draws near

With only two days left remaining, Guitar Hero World Tour will be available to consumers. I will be buying the Guitar + Game bundle for around $99-$109. The only way I can pick this game up on launch date is at my local Wal-mart.

Well this Wal-mart has upgraded to Super Wal-mart now that opens 24 hours. I don't know if I'll go out 12:01 AM in the morning, or just wait till I wake up. It seems like I have a long history with that place. Every new launch, I always succeed to get what I want from there. First it was the Nintendo Wii that I had to wait in line freezing to death. Next was Halo 3 which there was no line at all, and I was pretty much the 2nd person to get it when the old Wal-mart opened around 7 in the morning. Then I was able to get the PS3 + MGS4 bundle with ease. They only had 2 bundles left in that whole store. I called my friend there was one more left and he got the last one.

I suppose the reason why I get lucky on getting stuff from Wal-mart is because it's located in a small town where I live. The population here is very minimal, and probably most of them are not hardcore gamers. I think some of them mostly like to get their stuff from shopping malls which is like a 25 minute drive from this town. Screw that, I'm saving money on gas. If there's something not available in this small town, I order online.