Monday, October 13, 2008

Take me back A18!

You may find this banner by checking your email accounts. I'm a little bit familiar with that item on both Tiki and Minty's head. It's called the chiffon cap, but A18 will name it something else. The black and white chiffon caps isn't all that exciting folks. From KR, the stats are Spin+1/Slot+1. Headgear item.

If you needed to know about this "special" item, then there's your answer. If I remember correctly, the white chiffon cap was only available to players who registers the game, and it only lasted 30 days to use it. The black one I think was available for the existing players. But all of that was in Korea though, this could be different I suppose. Guess you'll find out starting October 16th. Who knows, this event could be much more than this! Ho ho.

Whether you received this email or not, doesn't mean you are left out. This is a sneak peek preview on what's going to happen this Thursday. I'm sure they will display this banner publicly sometime around Wednesday night.

Here's an example on what the white chiffon cap looks like that I got from my Zoints page.