Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 months into JTV

Today makes my third month that I've started on Justin.TV. It started out slow, but I think it's picking up. I'm expecting by the end of the year that my channel will become well known in the community.

It's thanks to JTV that it's making me want to try old titles that I've always wanted to play. Having viewers makes playing games so much fun too. I got to play great games that I never wanted to play by myself. Games like Fatal Frame, Condemned, Gitaroo-Man, and Resident Evil.

It gets annoying when JTV starts messing up, and the feed gets messed up. I'm expecting that they will find the issue that will be fixed permanently. But that aside, I'll still continue broadcasting my games LIVE so you guys can relax, and enjoy. If you take a peek on October 8th in the archives, I was playing Pangya. No wai~