Friday, October 17, 2008

Affiliate with SLGaming

I would like to organize a group of bloggers or sites alike that are dedicated to the game of Pangya. If you would like to have your blog or site linked from my page, then read below for more info.

- Your blog, site, or forum must be related to: Pangya, Video games, or Anime (yes, I may do an anime section in the near future)
- Your site must have my link to where they can see it. If it's a forum site, then add source to this page when you make a post. (
- Your site must be up-to-date. It won't be accepted if: 1) it hasn't been touched in years 2) that you've just started on it. Maybe at least 3 months to know that it'll stay active.

If you meet these requirements above, then post your comment here of your name and website address. I will check it out, and then add it to my affiliate list that will be located to the right side of my page. If you already added me to your site, and your page doesn't appear on the affiliate list, then do let me know. I don't think I can remember every single websites out there.

Now this way, everyone will get to see all sorts of sites out there that they may have not visited before. Let's appreciate all the work that we've have done for your reading and viewing pleasure.