Monday, October 13, 2008

Fatal Frame 1 LIVE

You're in for a treat, an early trick-o-treat! I'm about to play the last Fatal Frame game that I never got to finish a long time ago! Hope you enjoy watching me getting all frightened, and squealing screams like a teenage school girl. If that's what you want to see from me, then come watch me play on Tuesday, October 14th 8:00 PM EDT.

I remember borrowing this game from a friend back in high school (which was like 5 years ago). I didn't get far in the game because I was such a wuss back then. So I never got to finish it, and returned the game back. She asked me if I beaten the game, and I could not remember what I answered back. I probably said no because I was busy with homework as an excuse.

Now I'm mature enough ha ha, I've already played through Fatal Frame 2 and 3 to the very end. Justin.TV's archives are proof! I have to say the third installment was the scariest Fatal Frame I've played yet. I wonder if the first game will have that same factor. I was a little disappointed that the second installment did not have that many scary parts, compared to the third game. Well, I've completely forgotten on what's in store with the first game so it'll be a fresh new start for me.

I will receive the Xbox version of Fatal Frame that will be played on the Xbox 360 console. What a good way to get into the Halloween spirit! ...meh.