Sunday, October 12, 2008

Astro spendings

So! I was curious how much I spent on OGP's AlbatrossSEA. I looked through the Astro Used section to tally up the cost that I've put into that game.

It seems that it doesn't go all the way from my very first purchase in November 2005.

So, from June 21, 2007 ~ July 13, 2008 I spent around 27,131 Astros. And no, I'm not lying about that. Most of that is from eCards especially, maybe 2/3 of it. I had to go through 64 pages to add the total amount of Astros spent.

I don't know exactly how much $ I spent since they changed the Astro purchase rule like... so many times? So from all these Astro bonuses and stuff long ago, it's hard to tell. But if I were to use their Astro currency right now, it's $50 = 1000 Astros correct? I'll take my 27,131 and round it down to 27k then. So 27,000 / 1000 = 27. So 27 * $50 = $1,350. Only crap... and that's just a year too. Imagine the total amount for three years.

Well as I indicated on my very last Astro purchase was on July 13th, it'll still be my last one. Enjoy my money while you can OGP. : )