Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Depths of Pangya (Part 1 - Control)

Many Pangya players will agree that hitting Pangya is the most important part of this game. It takes timing, and good coordination. Hitting Pangya is absolutely essential because your shots will go straight, increases your power gauge more, perform a successful power shot such as the Tomahawk, and it enables spin on your ball.

There are two parts for hitting Pangya. First, the control stats that determines the speed of your power meter going from right-to-left. Secondly, the Pangya zone meter which is the white line where the bar needs to overlap to make a successful Pangya shot. Today, I''ll be discussing about control.

Part 1) Control

Control is a unique stats in the game that works differently for many players. There's not a specific control that works for everybody. It's whatever you feel most comfortable with. Most like a slow bar to make it easier for the eyes, or they like it fast because a slower bar is not good for their timing.

Low Control Players:
"You have guts."
Some players who uses a faster bar would indicate that they need a longer drive distance so they need to increase their power stats. By doing that, it may end up subtracting their control stats to make their bar movement fast. There are some players who uses a fast bar regardless because they simply can't stand the slow bar. Tactical players who takes time limit into consideration would most likely use a faster bar so they may start their power meter again to get the correct power percentage.

If you're a low control player, then you have guts. You are confidence in your hand and eye coordination. You are experienced with the game, and challenge yourself to improve your plays. You also may like to take risk to sacrifice control in exchange for pure power. A larger drive is potential for your style. You may reach to places that others cannot due to your overwhelming drive distance. Your options to take different shot paths are limitless that others can't accomplish. There are consequence that may lower the odds of hitting Pangya, but to earn huge powers that could improve your score in places your could not reach, then the satisfaction is very well worth it.

High Control Players:
"accurate and careful player."
Sometimes it's best to take it nice and slow to accomplish something. High control is like that, and can very well can work that way. The bar may be slow, but hitting Pangya successfully is a great thing. Playing a long round may make your eyes tired from following that power meter line over and over to hit the pangya zone. But a slow bar doesn't bother one bit. Players who can hit Pangya all the time will be feared by many players.

If you're a high control player, then you are an accurate and careful player. You know very well that hitting Pangya is very important to you. Taking risk is not a factor, you want to have guarantee results and improved odds. Large drive is not of importance either. Your score may very well be steady because you are taking it safe, and never shot past the green because of your Pangya hitting skills. However, due to low power for high control, your path of improving your score will be a hard trail. You may even have a hard time reaching places that is best suited to go, and yet it may very well not be possible. You are a steady, and you can able to win over players who are having a bad round in the game.

Part 2) Pangya Zone

This concludes today's blog entry. I will be reviewing about Pangya zones, and different type of items in the game that are able to widen the zone. This could very well allow high-control players to step up their game to upgrade their powers too! Or have a combination of large wide zone with high power for the low-control players for a great sense of balance. Timing is a huge factor for this part, but that will be saved for another time. Stay tuned for part 2 of, "Depths of Pangya."

So. What kind of style do you play? Low or high control?