Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

At first, Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP didn't strike that much interest to me. Basically all of the famous Final Fantasy Characters bunched together for a Smash Bros. style duel.

I came upon a video clip just now of the generic Cloud Vs. Sephiroth match being played on this game. To think it's getting a little too repetitive that these two don't get along with each other, and having to play that same music of every epic battle they get into. I decided to watch the clip out of curiosity.

So after watching that whole clip. It's the same generic battle as I expected. But, I was... impressed. The battle itself looks glorious with so many flashy effects as expected from Square-Enix. This truly shows the power of the PSP just by looking at it. I haven't done any research about how the battle works. I know a few Characters that will be in the game, but not all the roster though.

So the release date is December 18th for Japan only, and no confirmed date on the American release according to what I've searched from other gaming sites. So it looks like this game is going to get imported, a lot. Probably including me since that trailer unleashed my RPG fanboy mode again.(Japanese RPGs are my favorite btw)

I do not own a PSP. But it looks like I'm considering to get it soon. Not for just Dissidia since there are other great titles for the PSP that I would like to play. I guess it would be a good time to buy a PSP since Korea will release Pangya Portable at the end of this year if I'm able to import it from Korea.

So one quick question. What's the official name of this game? Is it Dissidia: Final Fantasy or Final Fantasy: Dissidia? I suppose it doesn't matter since it's almost like I'm asking if the correct answer is A > B or B.