Thursday, November 6, 2008

JPN 4th Anniversary Update (11-06-08)

Probably the most massive celebration update I've ever seen. Korea already had theirs, but this one is the best I've ever seen. So! I wonder what kind of celebration Albatross18 will do in their fourth year. But this isn't about A18, this post is all about Nippon! All hail Nippon Pangya~

Content Update:

JPN Pangya 4th Anniversary Event:
- Crystal Hunt Pangya Island
- Red & Pink glasses / Gold Rounded glasses
- 4th Anniversary Pangya Logo
- Arin's alternate hairstyle revisits
- Miracle Voice Air Knight Clubset
- Come back reward
- 2x PP & 2x EXP (Nov. 11th)
Event duration: 11-06-08 ~ 11-27-08

Shop Update:
- Kooh Set (Shirt, Skirt, Shoes)

Code Geass + Pangya Collaboration:
- New info on official upcoming content

*Lucia's voice is added to the Miracle Voice Clubset now

Crystal Event

You must explore different courses to win two color of crystals, silver or gold. Play through the holes and you may be lucky to receive from the cup. You can receive two if you equip the motion items (Erika's earring, Max's bike, etc). Collect enough and you can exchange them for some good items.

The picture above shows the location of the crystals on each courses.

Click on the event tab in the main menu located on the top left corner. It will take you to the exchange page to trade in your crystals. The crystal exchange will not be done in Brie's Magic Box. In here, you have lots of option to choose from.

Item #1

Black Papel (5 drawings to winners)

Trade in 30 gold, and 10 silver for Black Papel. This exclusive caddie first came out from the Black Papel lotto in the 1st set. This caddie gives you Control +1 and Spin+ 10.

Item #2

Rosey Cheek (5 drawings to winners)

Trade in 10 silver, and 30 gold for Rosey Cheek. This item first came out from the Black Papel lotto in the 2nd set. Attach this to any Character's cheek that gives you Accuracy +1.

Item #3

Chaos Horn (10 drawings to winners)

Trade in 15 gold, and 15 silver for Chaos Horn. This item first came out from the Black Papel lotto in the 1st set. Attack this to any Character's head that gives you Curve+1/Slot+1 and Accuracy+1.

Item #4

4th Anniversary Trophy (receive instantly)

Trade in 10 gold, and 10 silver for this trophy. This will be in your trophy section and will be displayed on your info tab. This item is just for show.

Item #5

Beret Cap (receive instantly)

Trade in 20 gold, and 20 silver for Beret Cap. Attach this to any Character's head for Spin+1/Slot+1.

Item #6

Black Jelly (receive instantly)

Trade in 40 gold for Black Jelly mascot. This mascot will stay with you up to 24 hours.

Item #7

White Jelly (receive instantly)

Trade in 40 silver for White Jelly mascot. This mascot will stay with you up to 24 hours.

Item #8

10x Papel Coupon (receive instantly)

Trade in 15 gold, and 5 silver for ten Papel coupons.

Item #9

4th Anniversary Phoenix Balls (receive instantly)

Trade in 5 gold, and 15 silver for ten 4th anniversary phoenix balls.

This event will last until November 27th.

3 Sets of Glasses
Limited time sale

Red Frames, Pink Frames, and Golden Round Eyeglasses available for all Characters, including Lucia. It will be available for a limited time until November 27th. If you missed your chance to get these last year, now is the time. Other servers already have these eyeglasses in their shop permanently. But Golden Round Eyeglasses may be exclusive to Japan as of right now, and only a handful of Pangya servers out there have this item, not Korea.

4th Anniversary Pangya Logo

The Pangya logo will be replaced with this one until November 27th. If you have any clubs equipped that have their own Pangya logo, it will display that instead of the 4th Anniversary logo.

Arin's hairstyle revisit
Limited time sale

This hairstyle from a Japanese celebrity makes a comeback to the shop until November 27th. Funny thing is, Korea had this hairstyle in their shop for a long time, and it's there to stay with no time limit. Albatross18 may get this hairstyle a little later in the shop.

Miracle Voice Clubset
+ Lucia's voice added

Miracle Voice Clubset makes its appearance once again. If you need a refresher, visit here. This time, only the Air Lance version will be in the shop until November 27th. Downside is that it has 11 control instead of 12. The Twin Feather version was available in the Gachapon lotto last year, but who knows if it'll come back again.

Lucia's voice has been added to the clubs. Yukana Nogami is her name that did the voice for Lucia. She has done many other voices on animes such as: C.C. from Code Geass, Tear from Tales of the Abyss, and Yumi from Soul Eater.

Lucia's voice demo

Come Back to Pangya

If players who have not logged on since May 1st, 2008, they will receive a welcome back gift that will be gifted in their accounts. The welcome back gifts will contain: 7 day for Black and White Jelly, 100 Pang Masteries, and 50 acorns (x2 EXP).

Kooh Clothes Update

Code Geass + Pangya Collaboration
Sneakpeek releases
Supposedly, everyone thought the Code Geass event would start today. Since there is a 4th anniversary event going on today, it would be wise to not bring everything out all at once. The Code Geass collaboration update will start next week. On the Code Geass event site, it displays four characters dressed up from the anime. I have just finished watching Code Geass yesterday, both Season 1 and 2. I can take a guess on which Characters are going to be the best I can.

Kaz = Lelouch Lamperouge
Lucia = C.C.
Arin = Kallen KĊzuki
Kooh = Anya Alstreim
Remember that this is only a guess from me

Here's what the spoiler looks like that is hard to make out.

If you play around with the picture long enough, you can get a sharper picture of it that makes it a bit more visible.