Thursday, November 20, 2008

A18 brings the trios

Albatross18 has released three new playable items, and a handful of outfits and accessories that costs Pang (excluding Cecilia's outfit). Several players will rejoice of being able to spend pangs on some outfits without spending a dime from their own pockets. Now what about those new trio items that just came out? They all cost Astros, but is it worth the purchase? Lets find out.

Power Potion
(70 Astros - Active Item - 80 GETs)

It's basically a power potion with an extra +5 yards added. At least you'll get to see the double powershot animation. I say the price is reasonable on A18 to get eighty of these. If you ever come across a particular hole that you wished you had a little more power on your tomas, then equip this one and see if it'll reach the cup.

(50 Astros - Active Item - 10 GETs)

Activate this item to create a flat magical portal that surrounds your phoenix ball. Any negative readings on your ball will be completely negated. Slope line will be completely straight, and ground property reverts back to normal 100%. This is a powerful item that could improve your record if you ever land on a spot with poor slope line that you just cannot seem to read.

Auto Caliper
(180 Astros - Passive Item - 200 GETs)

This is basically a power caliper that can be used at anytime as soon as you purchase it. This is a passive item which means that it doesn't need to be equipped to use in-game. It will use 1 Auto Caliper in your inventory per hole regardless if you use it or not.

The biggest flop? The price of course. It costs almost less than $10 to purchase two hundred of these. Of course, players are going to complain because Korea have these trio items with the same price of 9 cookies. Now 9 cookies does not convert to 9 Astros here in America, but even with the currency difference, Korea still wins the battle for selling this item for a good reasonable price.

This item is good for getting precise power cuts that pro players will appreciate. It will also save a lot of your time to get the right power percentage without trying to redo the power again. And lastly, it's great for Silvia Cannon since most holes require a precise power percentage for chip-ins.

When I first saw this overwhelming price, I thought maybe the effect of the Auto Calipers will be different. Nope, all of the trio items have the same exact effect, and you'll receive the same amount just like from Korea Pangya. Only thing different is the price. So did they make a mistake on pricing this item? From the looks of it, they think the price is reasonable because of this:

1. Only one is used per hole regardless of how many times you use it (i.e. I use the calipers on 5 shots on a par 5 only one is deducted from my inventory).
2. The Auto Callipers don't take up an inventory slot like the Power Calipers.
3. The Auto Calipers cost less than half as much as the Power Calipers(10 = 22 Astros so 200 = 440 Astros)

Quoted by: Support046

Whether that's believable or not, that pretty much shows that they won't consider about a price change. Those bold points may sound reasonable to them, but not to the community. Comparing the price of the regular Power Caliper is not a good excuse. The only thing the Power Caliper is useful for is converting it on Brie's Cauldron for Time Boosters.

Luckily, I'm not angry at this because I don't like Power Calipers to being with. It's because it screws up my timing. I'm already adjusted in reading the powerbar moving right to left to hit Pangya. It seems like every time I try to use Auto Calipers, I lose my focus to hit Pangya, and end up missing most of the time.

Power Calipers and Auto Calipers are same price. Lulz.

Well it looks like this update brought up anger and disappointments to players who were anticipating on the Auto Caliper release. Even if we didn't know the prices on the other servers, do you think the complaints will arise? Probably. Let us know your thoughts on that part if you will, and how much you think it should cost.

*pictures above are taken on KR Pangya*