Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PSP: Pangya Portable Info

PSP Pangya Portable Info
Written by: Sweatdrop

Korea's first Pangya console game (Super Swing Golf 2) on the Wii did moderately well, but it didn't deliver high expectations to many Korean consumers. Also remember that Super Swing Golf 2 is created by Tecmo Japan. The Nintendo Wii looks pretty bleak over in Korea, but Ntreev has taken a stand to create a Pangya game that will work well in their country. Instead of having Pangya playing in your own home, why not have it anywhere you go? In South Korea, portable gaming is very popular among many people due to constant traveling from one place to another such as; riding buses, subways, and even taxis. When I was in Seoul, South Korea two years ago, I see many young and even older people playing mini-games on their phones, or their PSP. The PSP is very popular due to its multimedia features packed into one hand-held device. It was decided that it will be a bold move for Ntreev to create Pangya on the PSP.

Most noticeable modes will be Story, Tournament, and Network mode. In Story, there will be scenarios for each Character in the game. You will compete missions to progress to the next. Cut scenes will consist of two Character panel displayed on screen during a conversation. Different expressions will be shown too.

In Tournament, you will compete with a numerous amount of CPU in the course. Their progress will be shown when you complete each hole to see where you are position in the ranks. This mode can be consider an Arcade version if you want to play a full 18 hole game for fun. Sort of like a pick up, and get into the action kind of thing.

The important aspect is of course the Network mode. Using PSP's Wifi connection, you can compete between 2 ~ 8 players locally. You may even combine CPU, and real players together into one tournament round.

It has been mentioned that there are 18 Characters that you can play. There are the original cast that you know, then there are a handful of caddies that can play, and outside Characters that will only be playable in the PSP version. Gameplay mechanic will be like how it's played on the PC version. So it will be nothing different from a veteran player.

But what about the people who haven't played Pangya before? They implemented a Beginner setting that you can activate. This will allow to make golfing easier without having to struggle the hard way to learn how the game works. When it's active, your Pangya zone will become larger to hit Pangya easier, hole size will be bigger, and no heavy winds. This is very similar to the PC game where Korea first introduced to the players.

Since everyone is going to keep mentioning about that one "bouncy" Character, it doesn't look like Lucia will be in the PSP game. I have counted the amount of Characters in this game, and it doesn't look like Lucia can squeeze in the group. Now that statement is coming from me, not official coming from Ntreev. She could be a secret Character that you can unlock, I don't know. If not, she can take her singing somewhere else then.

It's official that the release date is around December 2008. They are still testing the game more until they feel like it's ready to ship to the public. We'll see if the anticipation is well worth the wait, and I'm ready to find out if they will include a code for the PC version.

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