Sunday, November 16, 2008

PSP: Pangya Portable Demo

The site of location where players can play test the game is located at G-Star expo.

G-star is Korea's largest gaming expo. You can say it's Hanbitsoft's place to showcase their future games including Pangya Portable. Pangya Portable will be available to play from November 13th thru the 16th which has ended a few moments ago. There is a video cam of a person demonstrating the game. Picture quality may be hard to see, and there's no sound at all. But I left a few bits of music to get the mood going.

This is almost close to the real version of the game, but since this game is the G-star edition, there may be some things on here that could change in the final version. Plenty of modes are locked as you can see in the video, but at least there's enough glimpse to see what this game has in store for us. The game is looking solid so far to me. Announce your official release date already dammit.

Pangya Portable Demo 1

High-quality video link

Pangya Portable Demo 2

High-quality video link