Thursday, November 13, 2008

JPN Code Geass Update (11-13-08)

Code Geass x Pangya Weekly Event

Each week will be releasing new contents associated from the japanese anime, Code Geass. There will be four more updated contents on the way, so expect new surprises each week from Nippon Japan. All hail Nippon! All hail Lelou.. I mean.. Pangya!

The first week marks the release of two Characters from the series that are implemented into these Pangya Characters: Kaz and Lucia. It's only available for a limited time until Christmas Day.

Kaz = Lelouch Lamperouge
I'm not that impressed with the coloring texture on the outfit. I expected a lot more detail, but right now it looks very bland to me. The helmet is the same way too. I do like the hair wig though, and that may be the only thing that's worth purchasing. You may purchase the special package that includes Kaz, and all of the equipment for 190 Cookies.

Lucia = C.C.
I pretty much knew it would be Lucia to take C.C.'s place. The outfit looks great, and it shows obtrusive details on how tight that outfit she's wearing that displays her figure really well, hubba hubba! The hair wig pretty much reminds me of the Hatsune Miku event. Hair wig is worth purchasing just to try all kinds of combination with other different outfits. You may purchase the special package that includes Lucia, and all of the equipment for 160 Cookies.