Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A18 Sneakpeek (11-06-08)

Sneakpeek information from Albatross18's Myspace page. Upcoming update this Thursday on November 6th.

Content Update:

14th eCard Rare
- Golden Hammer Set

New Black Papel Rare
- Rainbow and Devil Feather

Clothing Shop Update
- New Glove(?) + Shoe(?) for Kooh
- New Magician Outfit Set for Arin
- New Pang Shirt(?) for Kaz

Content Info:

My my, aren't they speeding up their eCard releases. Supposedly it should be a once per month update, but now it's two weeks. It all started with the Magical Girl Outfits that lasted two weeks, then the Halloween Outfit, and now this clubset. What could this mean? Are they trying to catch up, or have they been falling behind that they need to boost their eCard updates to stay in gear. Perhaps, we'll see if they update again in the next two weeks to find out what this is about.

This pretty much explains most of the specification about this club. This lethal club is the upgrade version of the regular Medieval Club found in the shop. It will have full control unlike the previous Toy Hammer club that was released awhile back. The club heavily boost on power, but lacks the curving ability due to its size. No level restriction, and upgrading the whole thing will cost 124700PP.

This sparkly club isn't the only thing that's gold. Once you hit Pangya, you will receive a Golden Pangya logo displayed on the screen instead of the default logo. It sparkles mmmnya~

Players who missed their chance or were unlucky to obtain the Elfen Ears eCard item will not be left out any longer. A downgrade version of the Elfen Ears will be available in the Black Papel Shop for all Characters.

It will equip to its exclusive ear slot. This slot is only reserved for two items: Feather and Elf Ear. You cannot equip both Feather and Elf Ear simultaneously. There are two color variation of the feathers, but the effect will remain the same, just a different look. You cannot change the colors in Brie's Magic Box. Now let's go over the effects once again.

If you are having winds range from 1~6m, then your Pangya Zone will look like this. That's right, nothing has changed. Moving on.

If you are experiencing strong winds that ranges from 7-9m, then your Pangya Zone will widen like so on the picture. Remember that if you use Silent Wind, the effect will cancel since it's not in the high wind range. You may use any items or powershots that still keeps the effect in tact.

So there's a small clothes update. Magician outfit set for Arin, and according to the myspace picture of Kooh, it's just a glove and shoe. Then the banner shows Kaz's jacket that is a pang item.

*click thumbnail for larger view*

It was a little difficult to resist this Golden Medieval club, so I risked it with my remaining tickets. Luck is on my side today, arigato gozaimasu~

Went through many accounts to try my luck on the new Black Papel Lotto. My alternate account received the Rainbow Feather for Arin, and my main account got the Devil Feather for Arin. Both Arins, what good luck. So I decided to sell Rainbow for around 500k+ and Devil for 450k+. Sold them both in less than a minute. It looks like people are selling for at least one million pang, but as usual the price will go down if you wait patiently. Because you'll be seeing this rare in the lotto for a good good long time.