Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Next year games to play

It's almost New Year's Day everyone! I have plans on playing and broadcasting two games around the beginning of next year. Let's take a look.

I've played Condemned around mid-October of this year. It turned out to be a great game that I've missed out throughout the years when it came out. There were lots of jumpy moments that were executed very well, and the tension it gives is something that I would never forget. I encountered plenty of glitches in the game, but I tend to ignore these flaws since most games are not bug free. So I'm looking forward to playing Condemned 2. I should be getting this game sometime next week. I will be broadcasting this game over on Justin.TV so be sure not to miss this one out. Just like every other horror games I've played, I will have all the lights out, and the stereo volume wide open. Probably even the slightest movement or noise will give me a scare...

This is Sega's finest and unique game that I couldn't pass up. I've heard it didn't sell well, but the game has received high positive ratings. I love RPGs no doubt, but I'm not very fond with strategy RPGs myself. After I played the demo several times, the anime and unique art style is wanting me to play this game. So after I finish Persona 4, this will be the next game on the list that I'll play.

So those are the two games that I'll be playing and broadcasting over on Justin.TV starting next year. I'm not sure if I can broadcast every night though since the new semester starts next week. I may be busy trying to get everything settled in my classes, but I can try and make free time to broadcast from time to time.

Monday, December 29, 2008

KR Update (12-29-08)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 6:00 PM. Servers will officially open at 8:00 AM (6:00 PM EST).

- Hole Drop Xmas Stocking event
You will not be receiving Xmas stockings from the cup anymore. However, the socks itself will not be deleted until next week. You may use it to exchange in Brie's Magic Box, or sell it in PSquare. Xmas gears in Brie's Magic Box will be removed next week as well.

- Bad Weather is not over yet
It was said earlier that the bad weather event would be over today. However, they are bumping it for one more week. So players who haven't had time to take advantage over this event earlier, then they have another chance to make some pang.

- Sweet Potato Fireplace still active

They moved the deadline date yet again. You can still use your Fireplace until January 16th. If you are not familiar what this fireplace does, then visit my "KR Xmas Update" post for more info.

- Quit Rate Reduction and Rewards (event)

Players with quit rate of 8% or higher will instantly have one quit removed for every 15 minutes played. Players with below 8% will have to wait for your quit rate to update after the event is over. So remember that over 8% will update automatically, and 8% or below will have to wait until the next maintenance time. Players with quit rate of 3% or below will receive two scratch cards in your gift box per day until the event is over. This event will last until January 6th's maintenance time.

- New Year's Double Pang and Exp (event)
Titanboo and Quma servers will have double pang event. Pipin and Dolfini servers will have double exp event. This event will start January 1st ~ 4th.

Just imagine with double pang event and infinite bad weather on Ice Spa.

Recovery Bonus x2 + Pang Mastery + Shuffle Bonus (20%) + Mascot (20%) + Mascot Card (10%) + Phoenix Pang Balls = Yosh.

It is now New Year's Day over in Korea now. Meaning that Double Pang and Exp event has started already. I'm going to post my quit rate and time played so I can compare after the event is over.

0.9% Quit Rate [8 / 858]

14 Days 19 Hours 49 Minutes

Getting pang is so easy now. Ignoring getting good score for major pangage~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from SLGaming

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from SLGaming.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PSP Outfits

Pangya Portable has already been released yesterday in Korea. Korean residences were very excited to get their preorder limited edition package in their mailbox. Surprisingly, the box is quite bigger than I expected.

For those who are chosen to receive Pangya Portable Limited Edition, I have received everyone's payment on time. So thank you everyone for your participation. I'll email you whenever the package is sent. It should be ready to ship sometime after Christmas Day. So enjoy your package when it gets to you.

I decided to get my PC card early before my LE box is sent. All I had to do is go into their website to enter the code. Then once I got into the game, I located 9 boxes in my gift section. Since my account has not been created on the spot, I did not receive the alternate Air Knight clubset, along with bundles of extra items as well.









Notice how the clothes outfit are combined instead of both shirt and pants are equipped separately. So don't expect to mix these items with your other outfits that much. The PSP outfits are ok, but I didn't expect great things from it since it's free when you purchase the PSP game.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A18's eCard exchange #2

A18's eCard exchange event has appeared once again this year. They first introduced this event sometime around June, and now we get another chance to exchange one of our eCard rare to a different one.

There are restrictions, and cost in doing this. But with a small price to pay, it's well worth it. It's basically the same thing as the first eCard exchange event, so this is nothing new.

There were several questions that was brought up concerning about the first eCard exchange event. It was made clear that you could not exchange clubsets, or BIG Papel. You do not need to un-equip the item that you are about to trade. You must be offline so they can access your account database, and make the switch. If you are online, your eCard exchange might be delayed. They will go through the list of each player's exchange list to see if they can do the exchange. If you are online, they will simply skip until they go back to your name again. Whether this will be the same as this event, I guess I'll find out shortly.

Well besides all that, what are you planning to exchange?

I plan to exchange Cecilia's elf ears for Scout. Gomen Howard for dissing your Ceci yet again.

Monday, December 22, 2008

KR Update (12-23-08)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 6:00 PM. No delays has been announced. Servers will officially open at 8:00 AM (6:00 PM EST)

Content Update:
End of year sale
Sale Date: 12-23 ~ 1-6

Pangya Portable limitation sale
Sale Date: 12-24 ~ 1-6

1) End of year sale

On today's update, there will be a special package with bundles of Cookie items inside. Inside contains; Pang Mastery (1 set / x100), Time Boosters (1 set / x300), Auto-calipers (1 set / x200), and Silent Wind (1 set / x10). A special price on all four of them will be 35 cookies.

If you break it up individually, your really not saving that much cookies if you buy each of them separately. Hell, it'll make more sense to buy and use a 5 cookie coupon for each of those items to save even more money. So regular price for Pang Mastery and Time Boosters set is 10 cookies. Silent Wind and Auto-calipers set is 9 cookies. Total all of them up to 38 cookies. So there's only a difference of 3 cookies apart.

The package will be on sale for a limited time till January 6th.

2) Pangya Portable limitation sale
On tomorrow's update, there will be a Pangya Portable celebration sale with 1 clubset, and 2 phoenix balls. Bloody slave clubset, phoenix of darkness, and phoenix of light.

Like I said earlier, this update will come out on the day Pangya Portable is coming out. It will be available on December 24th till January 6th.

Bloody slave clubset is now available to purchase in the shop. Stats are shown on the screenshot above. It'll cost 59 cookies. Level requirement is Beginner D.

Screenshot of the clubs displaying in-game. Going from top left corner to bottom right corner in ascending order; Wood, Iron, Wedge, Putter.

Phoenix of Darkness and Light available in the shop for a limited time.

All text, coding, and layout as part of the website are copyright by Sweatdrop. If any material is posted outside on this page is requested to be credible to Sweatdrop. Graphic and images are rights to Ntreev Soft.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

PSP: Pangya Portable Gameplay Vids

I may do a live commentary of these videos at Justin.TV later on. So if you missed your chance to see it, I'll have the video saved and link it here so you can watch it.

Enjoy the video, and thanks to Ruliweb again for their latest updated news of the game before its release date. The game is set to release this week only in Korea. The video below demonstrates the full version of the game.

Pangya Portable Full Ver. #1

Pangya Portable Full Ver. #2

Pangya Portable Full Ver. #3

Pangya Portable Full Ver. #4

Pangya Portable Full Ver. #5

LIVE commentary updated:
Walkthrough #1
Walkthrough #2
Walkthrough #3

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The name's Bond

The last James Bond game I've played was Goldeneye 64, and the last James Bond movie I've watched was Die Another Day. So it has been a while since I've last checked up on the series. Right now Daniel Craig is replacing Pierce Brosnan's role of Bond and he has been stared in two Bond movies so far. So I haven't gotten to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace yet.

There are a lot of great games this year. Blockbuster titles like Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Little Big Planet, etc. But for some reason, I'm not interested in playing these games just yet. I'm not entirely sure why though. Maybe it's because of its hype, or I just want to play something different.

Daniel Graig's role of Bond sparked my curiosity on how he's adapting to Bond's personality. So I've decided to try out the game based on the movie, Quantum of Solace. After I finish the game, I can ask my friend who works at Blockbuster video to rent the two movies I haven't seen yet when he comes over. So that way I can stay up-to-date on the new James Bond movies.

The name's Bond, Video Game Bond.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A18 Xmas Update (12-18-08)

Well I've already posted Japan and Korea's Christmas update. So I might as well post something about Albatross18 too. Their update can't be that bad can it? Read below and find out!

From the looks of it, this Christmas update is almost similar to last year's content. Here is a list to sum up everything that has come out on today's update:

- Christmas gears for all Characters (sale limited time)
- Papel Santa Skin (sale limited time)
- Christmas Clubset Ver.2 (sale limited time)
- Free Snow Phoenix ball attendance (receive once per day, up to ten times)
- Anniversary free 20% Astro coupon in your gift
- Find Santa in PSquare event
- Stocking hole cup event

The "Santa, are you here" event is back for the third time. It looks like they are doing this a little different from last year. So from what the banner is saying, once you hear the *ding-dong* announcement on the top of the screen, you will have to search through every single PSquare rooms out there? But the prize for finding Santa is just a full 18 holes worth of Auto Calipers. It's not worth the trouble IMO. Plus if you are type that can't stand people spamming virtual text on your monitor screen, then stay clear from this event if you are the type that can't stand it.

I have participated in A18's Christmas event plenty of times. However, it looks like I'm not going to bother with this year's event. I still have to collect more socks from Korea's server to get Lucia's reindeer nose, and Christmas sweater. Speaking of socks, on A18 if you sink your ball into the cup, you may get a *pew-peew* one box popping out from the hole. However, if you use Bob and equip the "only motion item" in the game, (a.k.a the guns) then you will get two boxes instead of one. Oh, and don't worry about using items to improve your item drop rate. Regular item box, and event boxes are two separate things. Just play either VS, or Tournament a lot and get lucky. Prizes are almost similar to Hong Baos such as bundles of pang, and maybe Phoenix balls. Who knows if it'll contain sweater or reindeer nose. If so, then I'm sure you can sell it to pang hackers for over 4 million pangs. Not that you need pang in this server anyways. In the game of A18, all you need is Astros.

For the fun of it, lets go back two years ago to see how A18 delivered their Xmas events.

Albatross18 is still in their Season 2 in the year 2006. So during the event, everyone will get an announcement saying that Santa has arrived, and you must search around every single servers and spam what you would like for Christmas. Your choice is either a sweater, or a reindeer nose for any Character you want. If you are lucky, he will gift you what you desire. I asked for a nose warmer on my Hana.

Albatross18 jumped up to Season 3 in time before the holiday. When you see Santa in the lobby, he will create a private PSquare room. To enter, there will be a question posted in the lobby. If you know the answer, then that answer is your ticket to get inside the private PSquare room. You must make haste, since there are only 29 spaces to get inside.

Once the room fills up, Santa will go in invisible mode. Santa will hide, and all participants must find him. The first 5 who runs past him, or gets near him will be the winner. The prize you get for catching him is... Snow phoenixes.

20% Astro coupon is a nice gift. I'll be using it for eCard coupons of course to prepare for the Fairy wing eCard rare release.

Xmas club on sale for a limited time. Also, it doesn't look the Snow Phoenix balls will make its appearance in the shop this year. Well, who would buy it anyways when you are going to get them for free each day?

I would understand if these holiday pant items will be a little bit higher from other Astro pants items that are there to stay, but these costs over $5. Pretty expensive.

Well you can't really blame them for this lackluster update. They don't have complete control on their servers to create different unique events for each year like Korea and Japan. The big question is whether they will bring another Santa wishlist event on the forums again. So far there has been no word about it yet. If they did bring it again, I'm not sure what I would like to get. Probably I'll go for Black Papel caddie this time since last year I won the wishlist contest and got Arin's Halo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PSP: Pangya Portable PC benefits

*click image for larger view*

I knew they had to bring this out sometime soon before the game's release date. As you may have heard from me many times already, you will receive a PC card when you purchase Pangya Portable PSP game. There will be a code on the back of the card that you can input to receive some bonus gifts in the PC game.

However, what if you haven't played KR Pangya before? Well if new players would like to try the PC version out, they will be greatly rewarded with a handful of items to make it easier for them to get started. I have already stated before what you will receive, but here it is again if you need a refresher.

Starter kits - For new members
Air Lance Special Clubset
Pang Mastery set
Time Booster set
Auto Calipers set
30,000 PP

Outfit kits - For every members
PSP outfits for all Characters

How to receive your PC rewards

[It's recommended that you use Internet Explorer while you're doing this]

Step 1
Login to first. The account you are logging in will be the one receiving the gift.

Step 2
After you login, visit this page next.

Step 3
Find the 4 blank boxes on the banner, and input your 18-digit code. Then click on the orange button to the right. Once you get a confirmation message, you are done. You can only input the code after the date of December 24th. And obviously the code will only work for one time only.

Step 4
Log into Pangya Season 4: Delight game, and check your gift section. It should be there. Enjoy.

PSP content in Shop

KR Pangya will have another update on the same day Pangya Portable comes out. These will be on sale for a limited time. Bloody weapon clubset, and two phoenix balls. All contents are from the PSP game itself. Sales begin from December 24th ~ January 6th. I'm definitely buying that club. I wonder if it'll show a bloody Pangya logo if you use it lol.

Monday, December 15, 2008

KR Xmas Update (12-16-08)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 7:00 PM. A one-hour delay has been announced. Servers will officially open at 10:00 AM (8:00 PM EST).

*click on thumbnail for larger image*

Xmas Content Index
1) New 11th Black Papel Rare
2) New 29th Scratch Rare
3) Holiday Sales Event
4) Hole-Cup Stockings Event
5) Sweet Potato Event
6) Snow Storm Event

1) New 11th Black Papel Rare

Devil's Tail makes its way to Black Papel's Lotto. The tail will be available for every Character so there will be a total of 9 rares in this set. The tail will obviously equip to where the tail should be located, and it has its own equip slot. The tail grants you Accuracy +1. It is said to have a special mysterious effect inside, and yet nobody has the slightest clue on what that is. Since nobody knows what it does, people are selling them for around 300-600k PP. Lucia is almost around 900+ PP when the tails first came out. But the price should be lower now.

Won the first Red Papel for Cecilia. Second red bag failed me. Second picture doesn't show me selecting the dolfini balls right away, but at the end I was left with nothing.

Demonstration of Devil's tail equipping on Cecilia.

2) New 29th Scratch Rare

Snowflake outfit sets for Nuri, Hana, Lucia, Max, and Kaz.

3) Holiday Sales Event

2007 Christmas outfits makes another comeback for this year. Since Lucia is the new addition this year, she will be getting her Christmas gear as well. The only thing missing is her red gloves which I still don't understand why they left that out. Snowflake Phoenix ball is also on sale in the shop. As for the Christmas clubs, it can only be obtainable through the Stocking events. It's not on sale like Albatross18.

Now it's strange that Japan's Christmas update doesn't contain antlers for all Characters. Also, there is no snowflake hairpiece for all of the ladies either. So the only headgear Japan has are the hats. Well, at least the outfits for the guys only costs pang instead of cookies. So major props for them. As for Korea and A18, everything will be cookies/astros.

Sales end on January 6th. Another thing I find strange is that when you right-click seasonal items in the shop, it will tell you how long it'll last in the store. However, if you check Lucia's Christmas gear and snowflake phoenix ball, it doesn't show an expiration date. Maybe they just forgot to add it in there. I just wanted to point that small and probably not-so-important part in there for the lulz.

4) Hole-Cup Stockings Event

The rules are the same case as any other hole-cup drop event. Just sink your ball into the cup, and hope that it'll pop out. *pew-peew* If you equip the motion items (Kaz's earrings, Bob's guns, etc) you will receive two stockings instead of one. You may sell or buy Christmas stockings in PSquare. Stockings will be removed from everyone's account once the event ends. They will probably end the hole-cup event first, and have your stockings remained on your account for one more week before they will remove it.

As you collect stockings, you can trade them in Brie's Magic Box. Either you want a new sweater to stay warm, a reindeer nose, or the jolly good ol' Christmas Club to get into the holiday spirits. Lets take a look at their wares.

Trade in these items for a sweater of your choice. Lucia included. Sweater gives you Power+1, and can be sold or purchase in PSquare. Guys get blue sweater, and girls get red.

Trade in these items for a reindeer nose of your choice. Lucia included. Reindeer gives no stats bonus, and can be sold or purchase in PSquare.

Trade in these items for a Xmas Clubset Version 1. This club first became available back in 2006's event. This club was the only one available at the time, and now it makes its second appearance for players who missed their chance to get this club set.

Trade in these items for a Xmas bag. Inside that bag contains Version 2 of the Xmas Clubs. In order to get Version 2, you will need this bag along with Version 1. So don't get this bag just yet if you haven't obtained the Version 1 clubs yet.

Trade in these items for a Xmas Clubset Version 2. Both the bag and this upgraded clubset came out last year, and now it reappears for players to get another chance of obtaining this clubset. The stats are improved a small bit, but it still lacks the full control boost. However, it has incredible Spin and Curve.

Stocking event will last until December 30th.

5) Sweet Potato Event

[It's available only in Brie's Magic Box since this is an error that was not meant to be purchased]

You can set your fireplace in your PAD room place. You can only get two sweet potatoes per day, and friends could come in and take some if they want. So be careful if you don't want anybody to take your potatoes. Uncooked potato rewards you with 5% exp boost, and a cooked potato gives you 50%.

Trade in these items for a fireplace item. You can set this in your PAD room, and you will have to click on it to receive your potato. You may receive either a brown or golden brown potato. Brown Potato gives 5% exp and golden brown gives 50% exp boost. You can receive a regular brown potato pretty commonly, but golden brown is rare to obtain.

Sweet Potatoes will be located in your inventory, and may be activated anytime you want. Once you use one, it will last for two hours. It's almost like you are using a time-slot card. You may also combine the 10% exp card with the sweet potato too.

You may also share them with your friends. You can only get one sweet potato a day, but your friend(s) can get two a day from your fireplace. So if you feel like sharing, be sure to invite them over to your place. I'm sure Kimsangchul would be "delighted" to take some potatoes from you. : )

Sweet Potato event will last until December 30th.

6) Snow Storm Event

Pangya's weather forecast mentions heavy snowstorm in the icy region. Most likely in places such as White Wiz, Ice Cannon, and Ice Spa. They said bad weather has occurred already and will last until December 30th. Basically every single hole will snow with 2x Recovery Bonuses. Players are encouraged in these courses for double the pang amount!