Saturday, December 6, 2008

PSP: Pangya Portable Release

Pangya Portable for the PSP will finally make its way to Korea before the end of the year. There are three different bundles you can choose from. Let's take a look.

1) Basic Edition

You will receive the game with the original box art cover. Inside the package will include a premium card that you can use to receive free contents for PC game, Pangya Season 4: Delight. Korea's server only. You will be able to get three things from this special card.

a) Character's PSP signature outfits for all (Nine Characters total)

b) Starter gifts will only be available for new accounts. New accounts will receive a handful of items to help get started in the PC game. The starter gifts will include:
- Air Knight club set
- 300x Time Boosters
- 100x Pang Mastery
- 200x Auto Calipers
- 30,000 Pang Bonus

c) The card will also be a registration form to receive benefits for an event just for them.

The basic edition will cost 39,000 won.

2) Limited Edition

The limited edition will contain a Papel box full of exclusive goods that will make many hardcore fans very happy. The bundle includes the game with a different box art, PSPapel cover, Kooh figure, and a two-disc soundtrack.

Content A - Limited Edition box art

When you buy the limited edition set, you will receive a limited edition box art cover instead of the original cover. Premium card will be included inside. Who doesn't like a picture of Arin lying down like this?

Content B - PSPapel Cover

PSPapel is something I made up. Everyone needs a PSP cover to keep the dust and scratches away when it's not in use.

Content C - Kooh Figurine

Also included in the box is a figure of Kooh holding Dolfini in the air. She is wearing her Blood Pirate outfit which is her signature style in the PSP game. The figure measures close to 16.5 centimeters tall. The quality of detail is not that bad either for something that's included with the game.

Content D - Pangya Portable OST

Pangya Portable Original Soundtrack will pack with fifty-nine tracks in this two-disc special edition. Original Pangya music will be remixed along with two themes such as "Fly Away" and "Starlight" by ESTi. Both will contain lyric and karaoke versions. The music can be heard by watching the trailers.

The Limited edition will cost 79,000 won. Supplies are very limited.

3) Limited Special Pack

Want the game, but do not own a PSP? Well this package will solve all of those problems if you have the money to spend. You will receive the new PSP-3005 series (piano black color) with the limited edition Pangya Portable bundle. An excellent Christmas gift for the holiday.

The Limited Special Pack will cost 298,000 won. Supplies are very limited.

The game's official release date is December 24th, 2008 in Korea. So there you have it.

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