Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to get your Pangya Portable LE

The first thing I asked was how many of you are interested in buying Pangya Portable. Then next I asked how many of you are willing to purchase the Limited Edition bundle. Now finally, lets get down to preordering your Pangya Portable Limited Edition set.

How many LE copies do you have so far?
There are 7 Pangya Portable Limited Edition boxes that has already been preordered. There may be a small chance for more preorders around December 15th. I will keep you updated in case more has come in.

What are the payment options?
I accept Paypal, Money Order, or Personal Checks. If you pay with Paypal I do prefer if possible that you have funds in your Paypal account so no fees will be deducted when I receive your payment.

How much will it cost to get a Limited Edition box?
The new price is here. Shipping cost is more than we had anticipated. To find out why, check the comments on the previous blog post for more info. I apologize for the increased price all of a sudden.

How do I enter to get my LE box?
You will need to email devilhana@gmail.com for your information. Information such as your mailing address, your payment options, etc. Scroll below for more info on the step-by-step procedure list I made.

When is the deadline to email you?
EDIT: Deadline has changed to December 15th. Payment is needed quickly for early preparation on gathering equipment for shipment purposes. Sorry for the inconvenience. Once December 15th has passed, it's all over.

How do I know if I'll get one if supplies are limited?
Since there are limited supplies, I will draw the names out at random from all the emails I receive. I will draw out and announce the winners around December 16th here. You can check out how many copies of the LE box we have by scrolling up to the first list up top.

Alright so I got picked to get my LE box edition. Now what?
I will email you for further instructions on how to pay for your Limited Edition box. You must notify me that you have sent your payment so I can double check. The last day for payment is on December 17th. If I don't receive word or payment, then I'll have to pick a random name and email that person if they wish to purchase the LE box or not. Please be sure payment is on time to get the preparations under way.

So when does the game come out?
It comes out December 24th in Korea. So basically December 23rd to us. They are 12 hours ahead of us.

Step-by-Step instructions:

1) Email your info to: devilhana@gmail.com. This will be your ticket for a chance to receive Pangya Portable LE box. This will be my alternative email account for this purpose only, so your information is kept secret with me.

2) Your email should include the following information:
- Your full name, shipping address, and phone number (phone # must match your shipping location for insurance purposes)

- Choose your shipping method. Basic or Advanced.

- Your payment options (Paypal, Money Order, or Personal Check)

- Also a small donation for the person taking her time and effort to assure your package will arrive to you safe and secure. If you would like to donate, then enter the amount you wish to add in.

3) Pray that more LE boxes are coming in on 14th, and your name will be drawn out on December 16th.

Quick recap

- Pangya Limited Edition bundle will include: LE Box Art on game cover, PC card, PSP Papel cover, Kooh figurine, and 2-disc OST.

- Send email to devilhana@gmail.com. This is your ticket for a chance to receive Papel Portable Limited Edition box.

- Names of the winners will be drawn and announced here on December 16th. Last day to pay is on December 17th. Winners must contact or pay to me before due date or I will have to skip to the next person.

If you have any questions or comments. Feel free to comment here or email to devilhana@gmail.com.