Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A18's eCard exchange #2

A18's eCard exchange event has appeared once again this year. They first introduced this event sometime around June, and now we get another chance to exchange one of our eCard rare to a different one.

There are restrictions, and cost in doing this. But with a small price to pay, it's well worth it. It's basically the same thing as the first eCard exchange event, so this is nothing new.

There were several questions that was brought up concerning about the first eCard exchange event. It was made clear that you could not exchange clubsets, or BIG Papel. You do not need to un-equip the item that you are about to trade. You must be offline so they can access your account database, and make the switch. If you are online, your eCard exchange might be delayed. They will go through the list of each player's exchange list to see if they can do the exchange. If you are online, they will simply skip until they go back to your name again. Whether this will be the same as this event, I guess I'll find out shortly.

Well besides all that, what are you planning to exchange?

I plan to exchange Cecilia's elf ears for Scout. Gomen Howard for dissing your Ceci yet again.