Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A18 Update: 12-04-08

Content Update:
- New 15th eCard rare
- Clothing set for Hana, Arin, Kooh, and Max

Event Update:
- Play with the Producer event
- Forum Fashion Show event

New 15th eCard rare

Albatross18 will have their 15th eCard rare for this week. You should hope that these rares will not last for a full month too. These outfits are pretty much a downgrade from the previous eCard outfits that A18 has already released so far, especially the S.S.A.F set.

As you can see on the picture, these animal outfits are Korea's 7th rare. Korea's S.S.A.F set came out later as the 8th and 9th. It would have been better to release the animal outfits first before the S.S.A.F. How come? Let us take a look at the stats of A18's 15th rare shall we?

Now you see what I mean? These stats are comparable to buying the Astro outfits in the shop. So whether you want to gamble your money on these low stats outfits is entirely up to you. So in this case, this eCard set is only good if you like the style of it. As for the S.S.A.F I was talking about, you get the entire set that covers your Character from top to bottom. It even has extra bonus stats like Hana's S.S.A.F hat that gives +3 spin that you will never find in the shop.

Clothing set for Hana, Arin, Kooh, and Max

I'll admit that the clothes they are releasing are actually quite good. Especially Kooh and Arin that you may like. Here is a closer picture of it to get a better look of it before it comes out tomorrow. If you want to see Max and Hana, you can see it on A18's banner up above.

All of the new stuff coming in the shop tomorrow will be Astros except for Arin's hairstyle gear that costs 42k pang that gives Spinslot+2.

Two events that will be going on this month.

Play with the Producer event
So in order to meet the producers, you have to buy a Phoenix ball bundle pack for a "chance" to get in the room of 29 players (-1 because the producer will be in the room). Since I have over ten thousand of those A18 guild phoenix balls, I don't want to buy any more of those phoenix balls ever again. So in case one of you does get in, let us know. I don't know if he'll answer any questions from the players though. But you know, they do have a GM event thing where they can make their own tournament room with up to 250 players. Either they don't have that implemented, or that many people in one room would crash the whole server. lol

Forum Fashion Show event
How nostalgic. I remember now, I created this event for the A18 community last year ago. Looks like I can't find it on the OGP forum since it may have gotten deleted. Ah, but I have it saved in the Crux forum.


CRUX would like to present an event where it doesn't require golfing skills, but a good eye of fashion. Think you know how to dress your characters well? Then let's see how much time you've put in your characters than your golfing skills.

- There will be 6 fashion categories to choose from. You can choose up to two categories to participate in. Participation in only one category is acceptable.
- Each category requires only one screenshot of your selected Albatross18 character to present to us.
- These screenshots can taken in any fashionable manner. In-game, My Room, etc. Add some style and creativity to the mix to make it stand out if you wish. Expert Photoshop skills is not required and does not give you a higher chance of winning.
- Once you have the picture(s), PM Cruxion. View this link on how your personal message should look like.
- Once the event is over, the CRUX guild will vote on their favorite fashion setup in each category. Once the voting is done, the one with the most votes in each category will be declared winners.
- All prizes in each category will be the same. Prizes will be given to the winner in each category. Give us some time in order to send the prizes to your account.

I present our 6 categories for you to choose from. Remember, you can select up to two categories.

Category #1: Silly Setup
Description: Display your chosen character in some of the most outrageous looking setup we have ever seen. Dig up your Afro, Reindeer Nose, Illusion Spec, whatever that makes your character look goofy or downright silly.
1st Place Winner: 205 Astros Gift Card
2nd Place Winner: 100 Pang Mastery

Category #2: Color match Setup
Description: Match colors from top to bottom. Arin's brown hair matching with the brown overalls, Kooh's red hair matching her red dress, etc.
1st Place Winner: 205 Astros Gift Card
2nd Place Winner: 100 Pang Mastery

Category #3: Smooth Looking Setup
Description: Think your character looks sharp? Choose and display your selected character that looks good under the spotlight. I'm sure the shades would do some good here. Perhaps the new wigs might benefit this. Whatever that looks very cool.
1st Place Winner: 205 Astros Gift Card
2nd Place Winner: 100 Pang Mastery

Category #4: Scariest Setup
Description: Select your character wisely to see if it looks creepy to us. Sometimes when you mix something that doesn't belong well, it may give us the shivers. Don't scare us too bad.
1st Place Winner: 205 Astros Gift Card
2nd Place Winner: 100 Pang Mastery

Category #5: Adorable Setup
Description: Kawaii~ Display your selected character that looks very cuuuuuuuuuuuute. Aww~ I just want to pinch your cheek. *pinch*
1st Place Winner: 205 Astros Gift Card
2nd Place Winner: 100 Pang Mastery

Category #6: Ohlala Setup
Description: Present us your chosen character that looks very attractive. Whether you want to show some skin from an 11 year old, or display some muscles from the guys. Make our nose's bleed.
1st Place Winner: 205 Astros Gift Card
2nd Place Winner: 100 Pang Mastery

The event begins now and will last till July 21st. CRUX will then have a time limit to vote on their favorite fashion setup. That will take place July 22nd thru July 25th.

~ Flashback ends~

It's pretty close to how they are doing it. I'm not upset at them for using an idea that is almost identical to my event in 2007. Maybe it's an honor to use an idea like I've created in some way I guess. At least my prizes are better lol.

Image source
Pangyaholic - Animal outfit pictures