Saturday, December 20, 2008

The name's Bond

The last James Bond game I've played was Goldeneye 64, and the last James Bond movie I've watched was Die Another Day. So it has been a while since I've last checked up on the series. Right now Daniel Craig is replacing Pierce Brosnan's role of Bond and he has been stared in two Bond movies so far. So I haven't gotten to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace yet.

There are a lot of great games this year. Blockbuster titles like Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Little Big Planet, etc. But for some reason, I'm not interested in playing these games just yet. I'm not entirely sure why though. Maybe it's because of its hype, or I just want to play something different.

Daniel Graig's role of Bond sparked my curiosity on how he's adapting to Bond's personality. So I've decided to try out the game based on the movie, Quantum of Solace. After I finish the game, I can ask my friend who works at Blockbuster video to rent the two movies I haven't seen yet when he comes over. So that way I can stay up-to-date on the new James Bond movies.

The name's Bond, Video Game Bond.