Saturday, December 13, 2008

JPN Xmas Update (12-11-08)

The final Code Geass update is here at last. So, this is it huh? Zero's helmet for all Characters except Kaz since he already got his at the very beginning of this event. I would have thought they would save the best for last, but this update is by far the worse out of the other Code Geass update. I still have to say the best Code Geass content is the 2nd week, Emperor of Britannia - Kaz & Kallen Combat Uniform - Arin.

Code Geass contents will be available for a limited time. Sales will end on Christmas Day.

Now let's move on to JPN Pangya's Christmas event for 2008. This event will contain three things. One, Xmas outfits for all Characters, Clubs, and Phoenix balls.

Secondly, a new Bingo event where each piece on the board represents a mission that needs to be complete. Get 5 lines in a row, and you will get a prize of your choice!

And the final one, it's unknown at this point until 12-18. They will bring another seasonal content next week. I believe I know what it is too. If you want to find out what I think it is, then read on.

Xmas Gears

Guys will have Shirt, Bottoms, and Gloves that costs Pang. Girls will only have gloves that costs Pang. So everything else are cookies. All outfits and items will be available until Christmas Day.


How it works
- Each number on the Bingo board have their own missions to fulfill in order to get credit on that square.

- You will need to select the mission and accept it before you act. So if there are mission like "Play 10 holes" and "Get 1 HIO". You choose the "Play 10 holes" mission, and managed to make a Hole-in-One. Well the HIO mission won't count since it has not been selected.

- Once you complete a mission, you will get a tree mark on it that shows you've completed it. You must select your next mission before you carry on.

- Each players will have just one bingo board. So once you fill it up, you are done with this event. So take your time, you got two weeks! And these missions are so easy too.

- You can switch to any missions at any time you want. However, if you have done a little bit on the mission that you canceled, it will be erased and you have to start all over. Be cautious when changing missions.

I got Bingo!

Great. Now you can select any prize you want. Once you select what you want, it will be gifted to your account. So don't be alarm if you don't see your prize in your inventory so go to your gift section first. Each bingo allows you to get 1 prize.

If you have noticed, the cake hats is a new item that has never been released before. Every Character will have these cake hats, and you will get two instead of one. Peach Cake will grant you Curve+1/Slot+1. Chocolate Cake gives you Spin+1/Slot+1. Not bad at all for something free! If you do get a cake hat for one of your Characters, you will get a stamp on it and you cannot get it for the same Character again. You can select again once you get Bingo again. As for the rest, there is no limit. The obvious choice is getting the Ice Cream Mochi which gives you x2 Experience for 50 holes.

The unknown update

So according to their event, there will be another surprise coming out next week on the 18th. So this unknown update is going to be..... Snowflake Outfits! Yes, the answer is the new Gachapon Lotto rare for Ken, Erika, Max, Kaz, and Lucia.

The reason I know this because Korea already sent a spoiler list of all the contents that are coming out this coming Monday. And from the looks of it, Korea's Xmas update will be even bigger than Japan. They mention of a new 29th Scratch Rare so that's obvious that Japan will get it too. So that explains what next week's update is going to be.

If you are curious to know more about Korea's upcoming Christmas update, then feel free to visit me again around Monday night, and I'll get you the scoop on what's going on in their servers.

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