Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PSP Outfits

Pangya Portable has already been released yesterday in Korea. Korean residences were very excited to get their preorder limited edition package in their mailbox. Surprisingly, the box is quite bigger than I expected.

For those who are chosen to receive Pangya Portable Limited Edition, I have received everyone's payment on time. So thank you everyone for your participation. I'll email you whenever the package is sent. It should be ready to ship sometime after Christmas Day. So enjoy your package when it gets to you.

I decided to get my PC card early before my LE box is sent. All I had to do is go into their website to enter the code. Then once I got into the game, I located 9 boxes in my gift section. Since my account has not been created on the spot, I did not receive the alternate Air Knight clubset, along with bundles of extra items as well.









Notice how the clothes outfit are combined instead of both shirt and pants are equipped separately. So don't expect to mix these items with your other outfits that much. The PSP outfits are ok, but I didn't expect great things from it since it's free when you purchase the PSP game.