Monday, December 29, 2008

KR Update (12-29-08)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 6:00 PM. Servers will officially open at 8:00 AM (6:00 PM EST).

- Hole Drop Xmas Stocking event
You will not be receiving Xmas stockings from the cup anymore. However, the socks itself will not be deleted until next week. You may use it to exchange in Brie's Magic Box, or sell it in PSquare. Xmas gears in Brie's Magic Box will be removed next week as well.

- Bad Weather is not over yet
It was said earlier that the bad weather event would be over today. However, they are bumping it for one more week. So players who haven't had time to take advantage over this event earlier, then they have another chance to make some pang.

- Sweet Potato Fireplace still active

They moved the deadline date yet again. You can still use your Fireplace until January 16th. If you are not familiar what this fireplace does, then visit my "KR Xmas Update" post for more info.

- Quit Rate Reduction and Rewards (event)

Players with quit rate of 8% or higher will instantly have one quit removed for every 15 minutes played. Players with below 8% will have to wait for your quit rate to update after the event is over. So remember that over 8% will update automatically, and 8% or below will have to wait until the next maintenance time. Players with quit rate of 3% or below will receive two scratch cards in your gift box per day until the event is over. This event will last until January 6th's maintenance time.

- New Year's Double Pang and Exp (event)
Titanboo and Quma servers will have double pang event. Pipin and Dolfini servers will have double exp event. This event will start January 1st ~ 4th.

Just imagine with double pang event and infinite bad weather on Ice Spa.

Recovery Bonus x2 + Pang Mastery + Shuffle Bonus (20%) + Mascot (20%) + Mascot Card (10%) + Phoenix Pang Balls = Yosh.

It is now New Year's Day over in Korea now. Meaning that Double Pang and Exp event has started already. I'm going to post my quit rate and time played so I can compare after the event is over.

0.9% Quit Rate [8 / 858]

14 Days 19 Hours 49 Minutes

Getting pang is so easy now. Ignoring getting good score for major pangage~