Thursday, December 4, 2008

Broadcasting Absences

For those who regularly watches me play video games on Justin.TV may noticed that I haven't been broadcasting lately. The reason is because I'm very busy this month. I have final exams next week so I have been staying on campus a little longer in the computer lab to prepare. Then after class, I head straight to my Mom's jewelry store since she needs additional help because of the holiday sales. Most days we are busy, and then there are days that is very slow. It's a little slow now, so I have time to write articles like this.
However, probably the main reason why I'm not broadcasting is because I don't have any interesting games that may be worth showing on the feed. I checked out this month's game releases, and I decided to play these two games that I will try and broadcast this month if I'm not tired after coming home.

First up is Prince of Persia. This is probably the only title that doesn't add anything next to the PoP name unlike the rest of the PoP games. The game has finally released this week, and I should be able to start playing it the beginning of next week. I will be playing it on the PS3 console.

Prince of Persia is taking a step forward into the visuals with beautiful colors and cel-shaded graphics that brings out a painting visual that looks stunning. You will be accompanied by a female woman to make way through your adventures. The game looks very easy to play since the puzzle seems straightforward, and most battles are fought with just one enemy rather than multiples of them. It may disappoint a few fans who wants a challenge from this game, but hopefully these players will still enjoy the experience. The experience is short as expected, but as it may be short, the accomplishment will be rewarding nevertheless. Just be sure you don't learn from the leading Character's bad jokes though.

This is the second game that I'm planning to play too. An RPG for the PS2 that is coming out next week. Playstation 2 still hasn't died just yet. I'm hoping it will work on my 80GB PS3 (with bundled MGS4 game included) due to backwards compatibility issues.

This is a Japanese RPG game no doubt from Altus. So you might be thinking it'll set place in a fantasy world where you have to save the world from evil type of generic game. Actually, Persona 4 takes a different step on how RPG is played. This game combines daily life in school mixed in with RPG elements to make it a very unique game that you can't experience from any RPGs out there. I have played Persona 3 before, so it will be close to how the 4th installment will play out. Sadly... I never did finish the 3rd game. I hope that won't happen with Persona 4 though. Best part is the music in this game that mixes hip-hop, and added lyrics to bring out the uniqueness to this game. I'm looking forward into playing this game, and hopefully you will enjoy watching me play this hopefully to the end. If I'm slacking on finishing this game up, then straighten me out so I can play through it all.