Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

At first, Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP didn't strike that much interest to me. Basically all of the famous Final Fantasy Characters bunched together for a Smash Bros. style duel.

I came upon a video clip just now of the generic Cloud Vs. Sephiroth match being played on this game. To think it's getting a little too repetitive that these two don't get along with each other, and having to play that same music of every epic battle they get into. I decided to watch the clip out of curiosity.

So after watching that whole clip. It's the same generic battle as I expected. But, I was... impressed. The battle itself looks glorious with so many flashy effects as expected from Square-Enix. This truly shows the power of the PSP just by looking at it. I haven't done any research about how the battle works. I know a few Characters that will be in the game, but not all the roster though.

So the release date is December 18th for Japan only, and no confirmed date on the American release according to what I've searched from other gaming sites. So it looks like this game is going to get imported, a lot. Probably including me since that trailer unleashed my RPG fanboy mode again.(Japanese RPGs are my favorite btw)

I do not own a PSP. But it looks like I'm considering to get it soon. Not for just Dissidia since there are other great titles for the PSP that I would like to play. I guess it would be a good time to buy a PSP since Korea will release Pangya Portable at the end of this year if I'm able to import it from Korea.

So one quick question. What's the official name of this game? Is it Dissidia: Final Fantasy or Final Fantasy: Dissidia? I suppose it doesn't matter since it's almost like I'm asking if the correct answer is A > B or B.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Coming Soon to SLGaming

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

A big round of applause for Fresca for drawing this picture that has won the Autumn Billboard Contest that will be shown on those billboard signs around the course of Albatross18.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for all the readers out there who visits my blog to see what is going on with me, my Justin.TV channel, and Pangya. After eating a heavy thanksgiving lunch with my family, and the long tedious work on raking leafs around the house, I can finally settle down and relax for the day.

I finally had the time to check on Japan Pangya now to see what's going on with their Season 4 contents, and the Code Geass event.

More content for Code Geass outfits for Ken (Scout) and Kooh. I never expected Suzaku Kururugi will be Ken. Loli Anya Alstreim is obvious Kooh that most people already figured out. My thoughts on this week's outfits? Not so appealing to me. I think last week's update on Code Geass event is so much better, especially Arin's outfit. Japan Pangya also received a new Gachapon lotto set that contains Lucia's wedding outfit, and the Hybrid Ring. I felt like burning away some money and went on buying 15 Gachapon tickets to try my luck.

Yosh, Hybrid Ring GET. However, I really wanted Lucia's outfit instead. I burned away the rest of the tickets and no wedding outfit in sight. I even combined silver tickets to do more Gachapon, but I didn't get anything worthwhile. Gacha no getcha. Arin's Code Geass Kallen outfit looks so hot! I may consider getting that later on. I have Arin's Elf Ears that I won long ago, so it would be wise for me to save my money to get that outfit rather than trying for Lucia's wedding outfit again that doesn't have the ears.
(then later received Lucia's wedding outfit one day with only one try. Lulz)

Now I visited my favorite server, KR Pangya to check out the shops. I FINALLY found someone selling Lucia's PJ! The outfit had no cards equipped for 5.5, and shoes with Brie card for 9.5. So I got the outfit only. I'm not that crazy over her PJ hat so all that's left are the shoes for me. I'm hoping I'll find one for around 1~2 million pang soon.

What the hell?! An elf ear less than 10 million? That's a rare sight to see! However, I have been seeing Bob's ears flying around in PSquare lately. Just not sure why this is floating around for too long.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A18: Thanksgiving Lulz

Albatross18 wants to celebrate the community with their Thanksgiving lulz. Can it get any more lulz than this? When you thought it couldn't get any more lulz than this. Screw turkeys, Hato tastes way better, lulz.

Alright so enough with the lulz. On to serious business here. Purchasing the selected clubs will give you nine rings that will be gifted next week. Nine?! What a deal! That lasts you up to 9 holes! NINE!

Secondly, if you buy any eCard bundles in the shop, you get three free Papel coupons! Holy crap feather GET!

Finally, if you buy Boo mascot on Friday only, you have to wait next week to receive your free Joy Candies that grants you x2 experience. I'm about to pass out from the excitement! While your mascot's uncontrollable time limit is ticking away, you have to wait patiently for your free candies. It's worth the wait! Imagine having a calender in front of you, and you mark off each day until gift day! All this waiting almost feels like Christmas!

Keke... oh I can't hold it any longer. LULZ. If you think this update is awesome, say lulz!

This program is brought to you by Hato Burgers. It's magically delicious. Beggingahatoburgerfromarinmayresultextremecaseofmagicalfireburnsfromherabilitesthat

KR Update (11-25-08)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea server will be having server maintenance from 4:00 ~ 8:00 AM that will last 4 hours. Eastern time converts to 2:00 ~ 6:00 PM. No delays has been announced. Servers will officially open at 8:00 AM (6:00 PM EST)

Content Removal:

1) Examinees Event
- Inheriting Passing Title ends
- Examination card drop event ends
(next week's update will remove examination card from your account)

2) Marine Blues Contents
- Marine Blue Club set removal
- Marine Blue Phoenix balls removal (x3)
- Marine Blue head decoration removal (all Chars.)
- Marine Blue Mascots removal (x4)

3) Chocolate Limited Sale
- Chocolate Club Set sale removal
- Chocolate Phoenix ball sale removal

Sunday, November 23, 2008

PSP: Pangya Portable Characters

Pangya Portable is almost near to be released in Korea. So lets talk about the Characters that will be in this game. Pangya Portable will have up to 18 playable Characters.

You will start out with the first batch of Characters like you've seen in the trailers, then you will work your way through unlocking more as you progress in the game. I have looked over the trailers numerous times, checked out the new Pangya Portable site that launched last week, and looked at several pictures. I was able to examine all of these, and put them together to uncover the new Characters very easily.

Remember this picture? Well I've pretty much uncovered their shadowy faces, but I have no background information since that part is unknown as of now. So I'll pretty much make assumptions from here on out about some of these new Characters then.

Starter Characters

Nuri decides to give up the short spiky hairstyle to improve his looks toward a certain someone. He is excellent with control, but still has lots to learn to fully experience the game. With the aid from Pipin, these two will work together to overcome any obstacle that comes in their way.

She may not look at it, but she devotes himself to practicing day and night to improve herself. Quma thinks she may have a lot more to learn, but she thinks she is skilled enough to take on any challenger. Though she really wants to improve, she still wants to enjoy a relaxing game of Pangya regardless on who is the victor.

An ex-cop who decides to take a break from law enforcement to enjoy a quiet game of Pangya. He may have a temper sometimes, but deep inside he can be a softie when he's near Cecilia. His trusty companion Lolo enjoys his comical actions that he does. If he loses against you, don't be surprised if you get arrested.

She is a navigation officer who is participating in the game as a representative of the naval battle cruiser, Silvia. She will do anything it takes to learn how to play the game to absolute perfection. Although she is not interested in her appeals, she decided to show a little bit of her cleavage for some wow factor.

A famous tennis player decides that he wants to change his profession to something that he'll enjoy more. In order to join the S.S.A.F (Silvia Special Armored Force) he will have to partake the game of Pangya to get closer to his dream.

The youngest loli player in Pangya. Due to her father's disappearnce, this pirate is now captain of the Lunar Tomb pirate ship. When she heard about her dad's whereabouts located in Pangya island, she decided to set sail in order to find out why he disappeared. She may look small, but she is very powerful. If you decide to sneak up on her for perverted reasons, beware that she is equipped with the lethal Medieval club set with one whack from that weapon will end your life.

Arin excels as a strong magic user, and a top student in West Wiz university. She has invented a way to transform her bird Hato instead a clubset that is easy to carry around. Although most people in her class prefers their bird to transform into a chicken sandwich. When dark evil arises, her magical abilities are strong enough to purge the darkness that surrounds Pangya island. She is vital to the Pangya world due to her strong magic skills.

Once known to rule Pangya island from the power of the demon king. However, Kaz's lover Karen did not want him to have an evil heart so she sacrificed her spirit to save him from evil. When he came to, he has lost the memories that was once important to him. He soon discovers that his presence is in Pangya island. He decides to participate in Pangya to see if it will uncover his lost memories. Although Kaz cannot see Karen's spirit, she will always be by his side in keeping track with him.

A dragon with blue eyes can transform into a human being. She has a cold mysterious look around her so getting on her bad side may not be a good idea. Remember, she can cast fire in her human form so watch out! She wields a sword.

Hidden Characters Revealed

Listing below from left to right.


This creature makes a small appearance in the new trailer. He is indeed a Character that you can play for certain since he's doing his animation before he moves on to the next hole. He appears to be a half-man, half-dragon being.


Leader of the hunting clan who searches for food across Pangya island. Him and Quma are in the same clan.


A mysterious pirate who decides to play a game of Pangya. Could this man be...?


Karen can play Pangya?! How? She's a ghost for christ sake! How would you react if you see a floating club flying around? But if she can be seen by people, then when she conforts with Kaz, she would hope that his memories will not return so he won't remember about becoming a devil king, and losing his love at the same time. It's a burden that's best left to be forgotten.


The elder of all Boos, and leader of the Titan clan. His trusty companion TitanBoo wishes to play the game of Pangya so the elder decides to tag along. He sells clubs to players in Pangya.


The man who created Max's bike to travel around the island at ease. He is a mechanic so to speak. When he doesn't have a vehicle to work on, he decides to play a bit of Pangya himself.


A woman in charge of the items that are on sale to players. She can also upgrade and downgrade your stats whenever you need it. When she feels like playing a round of Pangya, she trusts her partner to keep an eye on the store while she's away.


Shop owner's partner.
(edited since the shadow image is not Lolo)


Captain of the S.S.A.F. She sent Cecilia to present his the battle cruiser, Silvia. He is willing to hire any interested people who wishes to join him. But in order to advertise the navy, he will need to partake a game of Pangya to boost his own ego, and his profession.


Titanboo lives in a small village called Ventus. He loves eating his own ear wax, and then one day he decides to play the golf game. He thinks his own power will make a huge difference between him, and the other participating players.

Ok so some of the stuff I said are made up a little bit, but I think it sounds close enough. Now here's something that I'm puzzled about. Remember I said that there are 18 total Characters right? Well lets count. There are 9 starting Characters plus 10 unlockables. That's 19 total isn't it? Well it looks like most of the hidden Characters will be playable from the shadowy banner. Also, Lucia has not been mentioned on being released in this game. A long time ago, they said that they will try and release the Characters from Season one all the way to four. Perhaps she'll appear, maybe not.

All text and code as part of the website are copyright to Sweatdrop. If any material is posted outside on this page requested to be credible to Sweatdrop. Graphic and images are rights to Ntreev Soft.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A18 brings the trios

Albatross18 has released three new playable items, and a handful of outfits and accessories that costs Pang (excluding Cecilia's outfit). Several players will rejoice of being able to spend pangs on some outfits without spending a dime from their own pockets. Now what about those new trio items that just came out? They all cost Astros, but is it worth the purchase? Lets find out.

Power Potion
(70 Astros - Active Item - 80 GETs)

It's basically a power potion with an extra +5 yards added. At least you'll get to see the double powershot animation. I say the price is reasonable on A18 to get eighty of these. If you ever come across a particular hole that you wished you had a little more power on your tomas, then equip this one and see if it'll reach the cup.

(50 Astros - Active Item - 10 GETs)

Activate this item to create a flat magical portal that surrounds your phoenix ball. Any negative readings on your ball will be completely negated. Slope line will be completely straight, and ground property reverts back to normal 100%. This is a powerful item that could improve your record if you ever land on a spot with poor slope line that you just cannot seem to read.

Auto Caliper
(180 Astros - Passive Item - 200 GETs)

This is basically a power caliper that can be used at anytime as soon as you purchase it. This is a passive item which means that it doesn't need to be equipped to use in-game. It will use 1 Auto Caliper in your inventory per hole regardless if you use it or not.

The biggest flop? The price of course. It costs almost less than $10 to purchase two hundred of these. Of course, players are going to complain because Korea have these trio items with the same price of 9 cookies. Now 9 cookies does not convert to 9 Astros here in America, but even with the currency difference, Korea still wins the battle for selling this item for a good reasonable price.

This item is good for getting precise power cuts that pro players will appreciate. It will also save a lot of your time to get the right power percentage without trying to redo the power again. And lastly, it's great for Silvia Cannon since most holes require a precise power percentage for chip-ins.

When I first saw this overwhelming price, I thought maybe the effect of the Auto Calipers will be different. Nope, all of the trio items have the same exact effect, and you'll receive the same amount just like from Korea Pangya. Only thing different is the price. So did they make a mistake on pricing this item? From the looks of it, they think the price is reasonable because of this:

1. Only one is used per hole regardless of how many times you use it (i.e. I use the calipers on 5 shots on a par 5 only one is deducted from my inventory).
2. The Auto Callipers don't take up an inventory slot like the Power Calipers.
3. The Auto Calipers cost less than half as much as the Power Calipers(10 = 22 Astros so 200 = 440 Astros)

Quoted by: Support046

Whether that's believable or not, that pretty much shows that they won't consider about a price change. Those bold points may sound reasonable to them, but not to the community. Comparing the price of the regular Power Caliper is not a good excuse. The only thing the Power Caliper is useful for is converting it on Brie's Cauldron for Time Boosters.

Luckily, I'm not angry at this because I don't like Power Calipers to being with. It's because it screws up my timing. I'm already adjusted in reading the powerbar moving right to left to hit Pangya. It seems like every time I try to use Auto Calipers, I lose my focus to hit Pangya, and end up missing most of the time.

Power Calipers and Auto Calipers are same price. Lulz.

Well it looks like this update brought up anger and disappointments to players who were anticipating on the Auto Caliper release. Even if we didn't know the prices on the other servers, do you think the complaints will arise? Probably. Let us know your thoughts on that part if you will, and how much you think it should cost.

*pictures above are taken on KR Pangya*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NXE is here!

The new Xbox experience update has finally come to our Xbox 360 console at last. People were skeptical about the dashboard blade removal, avatars, and other things that they hate to see departed.

I don't see what the fuss is all about since I think this new dashboard feels a lot smoother to me. I do miss the blade swiping on the left side of the screen when I hit the center button on my controller, but I can get use to the new pop-up box. So yeah, there is a ton of stuff you can do, but what I really liked most are the avatars. You can take a picture of your avatar, and it will display on your gamertag. What really surprised me are the easter eggs that you can discover by playing around with your avatars to see what it'll do. When I was taking a picture, I clicked the right thumb stick, and my avatar burped. Excuse me.

Want to know what my avatar looks like?

Looking smooth Rich~ kekeke~

So any Xbox 360 owners out there, what do you think about this new dashboard?

PSP: Pangya Portable Info

PSP Pangya Portable Info
Written by: Sweatdrop

Korea's first Pangya console game (Super Swing Golf 2) on the Wii did moderately well, but it didn't deliver high expectations to many Korean consumers. Also remember that Super Swing Golf 2 is created by Tecmo Japan. The Nintendo Wii looks pretty bleak over in Korea, but Ntreev has taken a stand to create a Pangya game that will work well in their country. Instead of having Pangya playing in your own home, why not have it anywhere you go? In South Korea, portable gaming is very popular among many people due to constant traveling from one place to another such as; riding buses, subways, and even taxis. When I was in Seoul, South Korea two years ago, I see many young and even older people playing mini-games on their phones, or their PSP. The PSP is very popular due to its multimedia features packed into one hand-held device. It was decided that it will be a bold move for Ntreev to create Pangya on the PSP.

Most noticeable modes will be Story, Tournament, and Network mode. In Story, there will be scenarios for each Character in the game. You will compete missions to progress to the next. Cut scenes will consist of two Character panel displayed on screen during a conversation. Different expressions will be shown too.

In Tournament, you will compete with a numerous amount of CPU in the course. Their progress will be shown when you complete each hole to see where you are position in the ranks. This mode can be consider an Arcade version if you want to play a full 18 hole game for fun. Sort of like a pick up, and get into the action kind of thing.

The important aspect is of course the Network mode. Using PSP's Wifi connection, you can compete between 2 ~ 8 players locally. You may even combine CPU, and real players together into one tournament round.

It has been mentioned that there are 18 Characters that you can play. There are the original cast that you know, then there are a handful of caddies that can play, and outside Characters that will only be playable in the PSP version. Gameplay mechanic will be like how it's played on the PC version. So it will be nothing different from a veteran player.

But what about the people who haven't played Pangya before? They implemented a Beginner setting that you can activate. This will allow to make golfing easier without having to struggle the hard way to learn how the game works. When it's active, your Pangya zone will become larger to hit Pangya easier, hole size will be bigger, and no heavy winds. This is very similar to the PC game where Korea first introduced to the players.

Since everyone is going to keep mentioning about that one "bouncy" Character, it doesn't look like Lucia will be in the PSP game. I have counted the amount of Characters in this game, and it doesn't look like Lucia can squeeze in the group. Now that statement is coming from me, not official coming from Ntreev. She could be a secret Character that you can unlock, I don't know. If not, she can take her singing somewhere else then.

It's official that the release date is around December 2008. They are still testing the game more until they feel like it's ready to ship to the public. We'll see if the anticipation is well worth the wait, and I'm ready to find out if they will include a code for the PC version.

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