Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cyber Ntreev Gone Wrong

I had to see it to believe it. For those who never heard of Cyber Monday, it takes place on the following Monday right after Black Friday where consumers shop on the internet for online discounts. I never expected an online game would get this treatment until just today.

The Rune Fairy Wing will be purchasable in the shop for their Cyber Sex Monday price of $69. I don't know where they got that price from, but either placing $70 would look worse or the producers wanted to set that price for humorous purposes.

Fairy Wings is arguably one of the best items in the game. It’s also the most useful rare in the Gacha release lineup on other Pangya servers. The price is what my work buddies would say, “highway robbery.” On top of that, the community’s reaction is looking more disconcerted than ever before. It’s too bad that the highly anticipated fairy wings will have to suffer this kind of treatment.

As a player, we have a straightforward option to purchase the wings or not. However, it’s much more than just that simple thought process. This action is taking more concerns about Ntreev’s future. Furthermore, this has hurt the community more than enough where players have uninstall the game, attacking other players, and even suspension. With all that currently going on, this is more than some simple sale where you don’t have to buy it or not.

You might be wondering why it’s a big deal for an item that you don’t have to buy. It’s true that it won’t have any effect on you. However, the way that Pangya US has been running with lack of features and rampant seasonal cash items, there are concerns to be floating in the air with the Cyber Monday sale. It asks many questions why they have been releasing contents outside the boundaries that any other Pangya server hasn’t done. In addition, many unfortunate problems that the server has been running haven’t been done anything that draws even more problematic concerns from the community.

On the small bright side, the Rainbow Fairy Wing was already released in the first Gacha set. Just imagine if this sale were going on when those wings weren’t released in Gacha in the first place. If you do plan to purchase the wings after all, be sure to pick the right partner to have your 69 with (regardless of your gender). Make sure you make that 69 worth your every penny too.

Since the reception has turned for the worse, it may have been better off that they didn’t do the Cyber Monday sale to begin with. Or at least they could have taken the current items and discount them like the animation motion items or clubsets. Not only a majority of players won’t give in to spend their holiday money on the wings, but it will also affect the player’s decision to buy any cash items in the future.

This sale is expected to go on until the end of December 1st.