Monday, December 14, 2009

Pangya Japan Championship 09

Pangya Japan Championship 2009 has ended recently. From what I've skimmed through they brought back some of the previous events such as the speeder round, but there's something new I think they have added this year is the Women's cup where all female participants competing in Ice Spa 9 hole tournament. Then for the grand finale is the Grand Prix to gather their top 8 players competing for the top spot. The first round started on Sepia Wind, then next round is the new Eastern Valley course, and for the finals is Deep Inferno.

Before PJC09 concludes, they discuss some important upcoming news for their game. There are a few mentionable contents that Korea already implemented or will receive soon. I'll only go over a few of what they have discussed on what's to come on their server.

They displayed a sketch design of the Demon's land course that is seen on the last hole on Special Shuffle mode. This means that they will implement this content that Korea received last week ago. I haven't talked much about this new mode so I like to go over a few things about it. The last hole is like a bonus stage where everyone will receive a pang bag with a random amount inside. However, one random player in the room will receive the jackpot prize that will be displayed publicity with your name and the amount of pang you receive. The grand prize can range from 100k ~ 500k pang. The regular pang bag will get you at least 1k ~ 15k from my personal experience of playing that mode a few times on Korea. Any records will not be recorded at all either so the biggest error will not hurt your statistic performance.

The recycling system has been delayed as they apologize for not bringing this out yet. The same concept still applies as you can exchange items like comet balls, cards, outfits, etc to receive recycle points (RP). You can use those points to buy cash items to make use of your old items after all. It looks like they are still working on the balancing issues to make sure this system is brought up with no errors or any disadvantages. As for Korea or any other server to receive this content has not been mentioned. The same case for Japan of not mentioning about the rental system that Korea has already released that hasn't been mentioned in the 5th anniversary project. Interesting.

We've all been waiting for the next announcement of a new motion item. All that is left are Kooh and Lucia. Most of us knew that Kooh will be chosen for the next 8th motion item release. As you can see from the wallpaper, it does indicate that her motion item will be quite explosive and dangerous that she does not care from the look of her eyes. They have stated for Kooh's motion item to be released on this week's update.

Other mentionable that Japan will receive are the special award items, card pack vol. 2, and new voice overs for a future clubset and other releases.

I am glad Japan is showing high respect towards SeeD by displaying his artworks to remember him by. If it wasn't for him, these Characters and item designs that we have now would not have the charm that makes Pangya feel alive.

Well you can check more about this stuff that I've looked at on these links below. There's also a live footage recorded from Nicovideo that you can watch too. I haven't checked the clips yet, but I certainly will when I have the time to settle down and enjoy watching how Japanese players play in their competitive state.

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