Thursday, December 24, 2009

Outfit Ideas

Pangya is going playboy for Christmas when Japan plans to release a new Gacha rare after this week's maintenance on the 24th. This exotic content is the bunny outfits for all the ladies. There are three color variations: black, white, and red.

The make-believe bunny story

When all the girls went out for Christmas shopping, Lucia accidentally spent all of their Christmas money on jewelry and now they are completely broke to buy gifts. Pondering how they will come up with enough pangs, they spotted a new bar that was built recently in condolence of SeeD's last will. With little choice the girls have, they ended up working in the bar wearing bunny outfits. They provided the best lap dances and other "services" to raise enough pangs that Lucia spent due to her selfishness.

Quma's bar has become a huge attraction on Pangya island that golf players lost interest of the game and they are beginning to hang around at the bar flirting with the girls. The bar was so popular that one scruffy man got kicked out of the bar for harassing one of the oldest ladies in the group. The broken heart man wiped his tears with his arm to notice that he had leftover chicken wing sauce on his face that he has forgotten to wipe off. He excitedly assumed that she refused his proposal because of the sauce all over his face. His heart burned with passion once again and he will return to his crush when the time comes right after he gets a bite of chicken first.

Since there were nobody playing Pangya to keep the island in peace, the forgotten demon king resurrected very suddenly and took over the fantasy land. Cadie was enraged that players stopped playing because of the girl's skimpy outfits that brought destruction upon the island. As punishment, the girls are forced to use all of their lustful pangs to purchase appropriate equipments to combat the demon king while wearing the bunny outfits. The adventure of the bunny girls to save the island from evil and finish their Christmas shopping on time begins now.


Well that was fun making up that story, so back to the real reason why I made this post. I was thinking a couple days ago about how Pangya releases outfits similar to the world's culture in a way. So I think it would be nice that we all come up with ideas on outfits or accessories that we can see it coming to Pangya in the future. Who knows, we will probably give some ideas to the developers if they read here too. So lets make a list.

I have some ideas from the top of my head to get this started. Be sure to check back in the shop and breeze through the old scratch rares closely so you'll know which themed outfits has already released or not. I'll add your name next to your idea, and if it does get released, then you can tell people that you got first dibs that you thought of that idea before it came out. I'll determine the name based on what you use to comment, so if you are going to known as anonymous, then anonymous it is. If you want, you can link a picture example of what it'll look like from your ideas to give us a good visual.

It'll be fun, so lets get our imagination flowing.

Outfit Sets
Police Uniforms - Sweatdrop
Circus Clown - Sweatdrop
Mecha Suits - Sweatdrop
Redneck Outfits - Sweatdrop
Slingshot Bikini - Sweatdrop
Rockstar Outfits - Sweatdrop
Cowgirl Outfits - Mainless
Princesses/Queen Outfits - Mainless
Urban Outfits - Mainless
Vampire/Hunters Outfits - Wally911
Chef Outfits - Wally911
Matrix Costumes - G
Lingerie Set - Joz
Demon Outfits - ThunderChan
Steampunk - JerryJax
Alice in Wonderland Collaboration Sets - Nitehare
Angel/Devil/Fairy Outfits (go with wings) - Jon Fawkes
Regional Outfits - Jon Fawkes

Pearl Necklace - Sweatdrop
Viking hats - Sweatdrop
Cat ears - ThunderChan
Long Gloves - ThunderChan