Friday, December 11, 2009

Hangame Pangya Service

This week's server maintenance was nothing more than some minor bug fixes. Furthermore, Gametree will be providing services towards Hangame company so existing players can use their Hangame accounts to play Pangya. Current Gametree players will not need to do any account transferring since Gametree is only adding their services to another company. You also do not need to log in from Hangame either. Pangya can be expected to receive some new faces on their server.

As a bonus for their grand opening, Hangame players will be presented with an exclusive Baseball Bat Club, x300 Aztec ball, and a Mascot lasting for 30 days which will all have the Hangame logo printed on them.

Pangya Open Tournament is scheduled to begin where the top prizes will receive a new title badge, prize money, and the Dark Platinum Air Knight which is said to be the second club in the game to include the powerful 13 control.