Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alicia CBT

Gametree has officially opened their website on December 8th. If any of you haven't heard about Alicia, then you can check out my preview post here. Not only the website is up, but there are also registrations to sign-up for a chance to play in closed-beta.

Registration Period: December 8th ~ 16th
CBT Testing Period: December 17th ~ 23rd (2:00 ~ 10:00 PM)

Any registered member of Gametree (Pangya KR account works) will have to log-in and register their account for closed-beta. There will be a total of 10,000 beta participants chosen randomly after registrations are over. A list of names will be posted on the site so you'll know if you got in or not. The client will not be available to download until in the evening of December 16th. So the day before beta testing begins, you can download the client. If you live overseas, you might want to do it early since your downloads may become slow. Be aware that schedules and time may change without earlier notice.
If you like, you can see the website yourself by clicking on that link. Don't expect much since it's not the full version yet, but you can check out some artwork and download a few wallpapers if you want. As I said on my earlier post, I'm really excited to try this game out. The times on when beta is open is bad on my part due to timezone differences so I'll have to wake up early if I want to check it out.