Tuesday, December 8, 2009

KR Pang Economy

Pangya KR has done great to keep the pang economy in good shape. You do not have to spend a single penny on this game unless you play regularly and earn enough pang to buy rares you want from players. You can buy clubs, outfits, cards, and so much more. There are vials that players can sell to other players to remove cards on outfits. Then there's also the new rental system that players can spend pang to rent cookie outfits as well. They do great to make pang useful rather than only spend money to get good items.

It definitely does look like the pang economy is heading to the right direction, but there are some items that are considered too powerful that players think the price should be higher than the maximum cost that you can sell in the shop. I am talking about fairy ears and wings. So players who want the ears or wings will have to set a private deal to do real money trade (RMT) or do trusted deals to pay pang over the shop’s limit. This is how the community set their value on these virtual items this way.

The good news is that the price of fairy ears has already started to drop since it has lost most of its usefulness and it's being sold for the appropriate market.

When Fairy ears first came out in Season 3; it was the best item to ever come out at the time. This lead to the price concerns that players want to sell beyond the shop's limit. When you have a popular Character with a strong item effect, the price is unimaginable. As years passed, there are other great additions such as the headsets and PEP that made those pointy ears dropped its popularity. Then we also have cards that give effects much greater than ears to the point where players realize that the first ever powerful item in the game is no more now. So currently, ears for every single Character are priced openly in the shop.

Well now that ears are out of the way, we still have one more item left that needs to be taken care of, fairy wings. The wings are arguably the hottest item in the game that you cannot find someone selling it openly.

So in this article, I am hoping in the future that they will release another wing item to compete against the fairy wings just like how they successfully did with the fairy ears. The biggest question is, what kind of effect will the next wing have to match with the one pixel impact zone effect? That’s where you guys come in. Come up with an idea of what the next wing should do, and I would like to share some of these ideas to the developers to make it into a possible scratch/gacha rare. Hopefully with another set of wings, we can get those fairy wings priced below 10 million pangs on KR, and make the 69 accident on Pangya US a thing in the past. So who’s with me?