Monday, December 21, 2009

Pangya KR Guide Vol.2 Opening

I'm happy to announce that I finally completed my Pangya KR Guide Vol. 2 that I've slowly been working on. So now I'm planning to release it publicly tonight.

I added a few additions to the guide due to the new Open Tournament season. I've made a few adjustments too to make it easier to read as well. I've created 22 sections which is smaller than my previous guide. Some are combined together, while the rest are taken down such as Approach mode, self-design, and a few mentionable contents that most of you already know from Season 4. I feel that taking some of the old contents down will save some space and loading time.

I don't have plans to update this guide regularly, but this guide should be informative enough about Pangya KR's new season. I do hope you guys enjoy this guide, and learn more interesting things about Pangya KR.

1. Open Tournament
2. Characters
3. Caddies
4. Mascots
5. Special Items
6. Club sets
7. Registrations
8. PC Bang
9. Level System
10. Course Difficulty
11. Treasure Hunt System
12. Cut-in System
13. Title System
14. Newcomers Shop
15. Rental System
16. Caddie Upgrades
17. Natural Server
18. Special Shuffle Course
19. Prize Medals
20. Card Holic System
21. Bongdari Rares
22. Scratch Card Rares