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KR Open Tournament Update (12-03-09)

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EST: 12/02 4:00 PM ~ 12/02 11:00 PM
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KST: 12/03 6:00 AM ~ 12/03 4:00 PM
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Content Updates
1) Pangya Open Tournament
- The unexpected upgrade

2) Special Shuffle Course
- Brand new mode for tournament play

3) Card Pack Vol. 2
- The next booster pack to improve your game

4) Prize Medals
- Receive prizes to exchange in Cadie's Magic Box

5) Caddie Upgrade
- New and improved stats upgrades on your caddies

6) Beyond the Time Event
- Prizes to distribute rares of Scratch set 1~38th

7) Open Tournament Presence
- Log-in attendance event and free Aztec balls

8) Double Weekends
- Twice the two experience and pang happening twice on weekends

9) New Candy Update
- New candy item

1) Pangya Open Tournament

As unexpected as it sounds, Pangya Season 4: Delight has now become Pangya Open Tournament. This may be odd that there wasn't anything like a new Character or even a new music theme involved, but consider this a temporary upgrade.

With this new installment, many of you will ask what Open Tournament is suppose to be about? Well this is based on the Pangya storyline where the demon king will soon arise once again to take over Pangya island. This is when Cadie created the mystical Aztec ball to surpass the evil out of the fantasy world. However, the evil presence has resurrected once again to claim the island. There has been a paranormal disturbance where the island will randomly get shifted into the chaotic realm. In order to combat this darkness, a brand new open tournament has begin to bring peace back to the island once again.

Pangya Season 2
Pangya Season 3: Revolution
Pangya Season 4: Delight
Pangya Open Tournament

There is an open tournament registrations that the top spots can win prize money, new clubset and title badge. Since schedules are going to be based on their appropriate time, oversea players will have to be up very early in the morning to play. So I'd say this is best to avoid this special event.


2) Special Shuffle Course

● Information

It's the same as I explained in my closed-beta report. This is treated like a regular tournament except that all the course and holes will be randomized. There will be 17 holes plus 1 never-before-seen special hole that looks like you are on the moon.


3) Card Pack Vol. 2

● Information
The second card pack has finally arrived with some new and powerful upgrades from the previous version. The card effects are still the same from closed-beta with the exception of some minor description changes.

Volume 1
Character 19 | Caddie 11 | Special 10
N 17 | R 15 | SR 7 | SC 1
Total 40

Volume 2
Character 13 | Caddie 13 | Special 13
N 21 | R 10 | SR 6 | SC 2
Total 39

#1. Nuri (SR) - Character - Controlslot+2, Spinslot+1, Totalyards-2

#2. Hana (SC) - Character - Controlslot+1, Curveslot+4

#3. Azer (R) - Character - Spinslot+2

#4. Azer (SR) - Character - Spinslot+3

#5. Kaz (SR) - Character - Powerslot+1, Spinslot+2

#6. Lucia (N) - Character - Curveslot+1

#7. Lucia (R) - Character - Spinslot+1, Curveslot+1

#8. Nuri (N) - Character - Spinslot+1

#9. Max (R) - Character - Powerslot+1, Accuracyslot+1

#10. Cecilia (N) - Character - Accuracyslot+1

#11. Kooh (N) - Character - Powerslot+1

#12. Arin (N) - Character - Accuracyslot+1

#13. Kaz (N) - Character - Spinslot+1

#14. Bongdari (SR) - Caddy - Increase item success rate (high)

#15. Titanboo (SC) - Caddy - 1~5m will lower wind by -1m (low). 6~9m will lower wind by -2m (medium)

#16. Titanboo (N) - Caddy - 9m wind will be decreased (low)

#17. Dolfiny (N) - Caddy- Receive Bound Bonus Pang award per each ball bounce (low)

#18. Dolfiny (R) - Caddy- Receive Bound Bonus Pang award per each ball bounce (medium)

#19. Quma (SR) - Caddy- Combo Gauge increase per Pangya shot (large)

#20. Bongdari (N) - Caddy - Increase item success rate (low)

#21. Pipin (N) - Caddy - Increase total distance (low)

#22. Tiki (N) - Caddy - Increase treasure point rate (low)

#23. Tiki (N) - Caddy - Increase treasure point rate (medium)

#24. Sporty Pipin (N) - Caddy - Scoring a par increases more treasure points

#25. Sporty Pipin (R) - Caddy - Scoring a birdie increases more treasure points

#26. Cadie (R) - Caddy - Impact zone increases when wind is 1m (low)

#27. Rainbow Feather (N) - Special - Impact zone increases for 1 hour (low)

#28. Sepia Wind (N) - Special - Receive additional 10% clear bonus on Sepia Wind for 1 hour

#29. Wind Hill (N) - Special - Receive additional 10% clear bonus on Wind Hill for 1 hour

#30. Pink Wind (N) - Special - Receive additional 10% clear bonus on Pink Wind for 1 hour

#31. Blue Moon (N) - Special - Receive additional 10% clear bonus on Blue Moon for 1 hour

#32. Pang Money Bag (N) - Special - Receive a random amount of pang instantly (low)

#33. Fairy Ears (R) - Special - Impact zone increases for 30 minutes (medium)

#34. Treasure Hunt (R) - Special - Treasure points boost for 2 hours

#35. Intermediate Training (SR) - Special - Receive +25 EXP instantly

#36. Black Jerry (N) - Special - Receive 10% pang boost at the end of the round for 2 hours

#37. White Jerry (N) - Special - Receive 10% exp boost at the end of the round for 2 hours

#38. Dolfiny's Umbrella (R) - Special - Bad weather rate increase for 1 hour

#39. Broken Shard Piece (N) - Special - Not available

● Notice
- Card #1 effect will subtract 2 yards from your "total" distance. Stacking this card will decrease your distances the more duplicates you equip.
- Card #39 is unknown for now.
- Card pack volume 1 will still be available to purchase.
- Volume 2 will have a separate tab to keep track of your cards


4) Prize Medals

● Information
Receiving an award from the tournament for making the longest chip-in or the fastest player in the room doesn't give you anything special for it. This time you will get something in return by collecting these medals you've earned and exchange them in Cadie's Magic Box for a nice prize. These items will be given to a random Character that you can wear and it grants you some wacky abilities that you can perform in the chat room.

Light Shoes: Your running speed will be faster. Type /광속 명령어
Sparkle Glasses:
Your Character will be glowing for ten seconds. Type /반짝이 명령어
King's Wig: Your head size will be larger. Type
/왕머리 명령어
Giant's Ring: Your Character size will grow bigger. Type /거인 명령어

● Notice
- You can still receive medals, but Cadie's Magic Box exchange is not available yet.
- Receiving the ring will work on every single Character, while the rest of the items are given to a random Character.
- More new items will come out later on.
- You cannot sell or trade these items.
- You cannot receive duplicates.


5) Caddie Upgrades

● Information

The cost to purchase and hiring fees has increased on pang caddies thanks to the new upgrade system. Since both Cadie and Titanboo are popular due to their high control boost, this made all the other caddies feel left out. Now with this new system, you can enjoy using different Caddies without having to worry about losing control.

Before Upgrade:
First time purchase: 70,000 pang / 30 day renewal fee: 10,000 pang
After Upgrade: First time purchase: 100,000 pang / 30 day renewal fee: 40,000 pang

Dolfini Upgrade: Power+1/Control+2
Lolo Upgrade: Control+2/Spin+1/Curve+1
Pipin Upgrade: Power+2/Control+2
Tiki Upgrade: Control+2/Accuracy+2
Titanboo Upgrade: Power+2/Control+2/Accuracy+1
Quma Upgrade: Control+2/Curve+2
Cadie Upgrade: Power+2/Control+2/Spin+1

● Notice
- If you already own the pang caddies, you can freely choose to upgrade now to receive the upgrade benefits, and the new high cost fees will take place when your pang caddie expires.
- Bongdari and special caddies will not be available for upgrades
- This new upgrade replaces the old stats permanently
- All caddie skins will have an equal amount of 33 units. Except for Sporty Pipin(29) and Bongdari(23).


6) Beyond the Time Event

● Period
December 3rd ~ 17th

● Information

Costumes Ticket | Clubset Ticket | Special Ticket

Play through the course and collect regular tickets to redeem them in Cadie's Magic box with a choice of three tickets to choose from. Each tickets will have different prizes inside. These are treated like raffle tickets so the more you collect, the higher chance of your name drawn when the event is over.

This is a memorial event of all the Scratch rares released from 1~38th. So the Clubset prize would be the entire clubset that was released before in the Scratch set. When you win, they will send a random prized to you based on which catagory you won from. There are four different categories of prizes with a total of 300 winners.

Clubset Prize (up to 50 winners)
Exceed Voice club, Golden Hammer club, Soul Reaper club, + many more
Costume Prizes (up to 100 winners)
Magical Girl outfit, Nurse outfit, Pirate outfit, + many more
Special Prizes (up to 50 winners)
PEP, Fairy Ears, and Fairy Wings
Bongdari Lap Blanket (up to 100 winners)
A real life lap blanket distributed to remaining players who did not win the top 3 sets of prizes.

● Notice
- Winners will be announced on December 23rd


7) Open Tournament Presence

● Period
December 3rd ~ 17th

● Information

During these periods when you log-in, you will receive x10 Open Tournament Aztecs for free. Also when you login, you can win more prizes depending how much you login each day during this period.

40th Scratch Set (up to 100 winners)
Players who login for 5 days or more will be entered for this prize
Bongdari Lap Blanket (up to 100 winners)
Players who login for 10 days or more will be entered for this prize

● Notice
- These free Aztecs are sent to your mailbox
- You only need to login for it to count


8) Double Weekends

● Period
KST: 12/04 4:00 PM ~ 12/06 12:00 AM
EST: 12/04 2:00 AM ~ 12/06 10:00 AM
KST: 12/11 4:00 PM ~ 12/13 12:00 AM
EST: 12/11 2:00 AM ~ 12/13 10:00 AM

● Information
Double pang and experience held twice during the weekend on both normal and natural server

● Notice
- Pipin server and Bongdari natural server will host double experience
- Quma server and Dolfiny natural server will host double pang


9) New Candy Update

● Period
December 3rd ~ 17th

● Information
Pang Candies will be on sale for 10 cookies. Inside will contain 10 candies that gives you x2 experience and have 100,000 pang inside.

● Notice
- Available for a limited time


Other Notices

Cat Club and Aztec prizes will be sent to the players who purchased cookies during the Good Fortune Event.
- The new launcher picture resembles easycrew's work
- Silvia Cannon has been changed completely where cannon fire will not operate anymore
- You do not need to install a new client, your existing one will do fine.
- All records, ghost, stats, everything will reset to the new OT tab. Your previous records will be stored to check your history info.

Coming Soon Update 1: Demon Land
Pangya island is in trouble once again and they need your help to defeat the evil demon king. The Pangya guardians will reward you greatly for your efforts.

Coming Soon Update 2: Item Config System
Use items more easily during the game.

Coming Soon Update 3: Open Tournament
Next week, the grand tournament to celebrate the new season begins.

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