Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wishlist Winners

Santaboo's Picks

Nuri's Romeo Mask

Kaz's Romeo Mask

Max's Casanova Mask

Azer's Casanova Mask

Kooh's Juliet Mask

Cecilia's Victoria Mask

Congratulations to these winners and their wish has been granted. I have a confession to make that I was Santaboo this whole time so I'm sure you didn't see that coming. All the letters I received turned out great so I enjoyed reading your imaginative writings. As for the winners, your prize has already been sent so check your mailbox to see if you received the right item that you wanted. Thank you all for your participation, and have a Happy New Years.

Monday, December 28, 2009

KR Update (12-29-09)

Server Maintenance
KST: 12/29 8:00 AM ~ 12/29 12:00 PM
EST: 12/28 3:00 PM ~ 12/28 10:00 AM

Content Updates
1) 8th Motion Item
- Kooh's next animation release

2) New Year's Event 09
- Another holiday event

1) 8th Motion Item

● Period
Released on December 29th

● Information

Nuclear mark cannonball, Kooh painting cannonball, Skeleton mark cannonball
Stats: Accuracy +1 Spin +1. Hit Pangya for 3 bonus pang & miss Pangya for 2 bonus pang. Boosts treasure points rate. Drops two event items instead of one. New Tee and Albatross/HiO animation. Obtain from shop w/3 sets for 49 cookies each.

Japan released Kooh's motion item around two weeks ago, and now Korea plans to bring it to their server for this week.

Kooh Bomb Pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


2) New Year's Event 09

● Event Period
December 29th ~ January 7th

● Information

1) Quit Reduction & Bonuses
Players with 8% quit rate or higher can reduce their quit count by 1 for every 15 minutes played. The reduction will take effect on January 12th. Players with 3% quit rate or lower will receive x3 scratch cards in your mailbox per day during the event. Showing manners by not quitting proves to be worth it in the end.

2) Aztec Tigers
When you log-in, you will receive a set of the Tiger Aztec ball in your mailbox. You can receive it up to ten days. When the ball is in-flight, you will hear the ball *rawr* in the air.

3) Card pack vol. 2 package deal
You may purchase a bundle of three volume 2 card packs and get one more free for 45 cookies. Buying four of them separately would cost you 60 cookies.

4) New Year's resolution sale title
These titles are only available in the shop during this event. At the cost of 1,000 pangs, you can proudly wear this title to celebrate the Chinese New Years.

5) Fireplace
Just like last year, it's winter time so it's time to warm up that fireplace again and get some of the sweet potatoes. If you haven't created your own personal fireplace in Cadie's magic box during last year's event, you can purchase it in the shop for 50,000 pangs. Players who already own the fireplace will not have to re-purchase it again.

The regular potatoes gives you 5% exp boost for two hours
The golden potatoes gives you 50% exp boost for two hours

The potatoes are treated like time limit cards. Plus you cannot use both potatoes going at the same time. You may visit other people's room to take their leftover potatoes. You can grab one from your room, while you can grab up to two from someone else. When it runs out, you'll have to wait 24 hours as soon as you received the potato to get your next one. You can only collect up to 3 potatoes per day.

6) Double Pang & Experience
From 12-31-09 ~ 1-3-10. Both double experience and pang event will occur only during 16:00~24:00. Pang and experience will be separate on independent servers.


Other Notices

Christmas sales and event ends. Leftover socks will still be available to use in the magic box, or buy/sell to other players until next week's server maintenance on January 5th.

© 2009, www.sweatdroplivegaming.com. All rights reserved. Image material may be copied with no permission. Text contents cannot be copied directly unless it is properly directed to the rightful owner.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wishlist Event

Christmas Day has passed and there is no sight of Santaboo anywhere. Luckily I got a hold of him, but unfortunately he ran out of gifts since Lucia demanded mostly all of the rare items. So I decided to give out some of my rares from Pangya US that I like to donate to this event.

#1 Nuri Romeo Mask
#2 Kaz Romeo Mask
#3 Max Casanova Mask
#4 Azer Casanova Mask
#5 Kooh Juliet Mask
#6 Cecilia Victoria Mask

December 26th 12:00 AM ~ December 29th 12:00 AM (EST)
-Event has ended-

- You must write a letter to Santaboo asking which one of the prizes you really want and why you think you deserve it.

- Putting time and effort on your letter will give a higher chance of your name being selected.

- Be sure to state your in-game nickname carefully somewhere in the letter where Santaboo can read it.

- E-mail your letter to: santaboo@sweatdroplivegaming.com

- You can only ask for one prize only in your letter.

- You must be at least a Junior C level or higher to participate. Not meeting this requirement will not be eligible for this event.

- Your letter must be in English. Other languages will be excluded.

- Not following the letter instructions carefully may not count for your entry.

- The prizes are only for Pangya US server only. Anyone with an account on Pangya US can enter this event.

- You may send your letters now. The event will end exactly at the beginning of the 29th at midnight. E-mails received after the deadline will be invalid. You may check the digital clock in the upper right corner of the site to verify when the event ends.

- Winners will announced sometime on December 29th. Prizes will be mailed to you on the same day. A new post will be made for this announcement.

- If one of the prizes has not been asked for in any letters, then the prize will not be distributed.

- Due to all the gifting commotion, I can guarantee you that these are all legitimate items from Albatross18 that I received long ago.

- If you have any other questions, feel free to comment here.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 09

It's 12:00 AM in the morning for me which means it's Christmas Day. This picture came from Pangya KR that I like to use for my celebration here. I will be spending Christmas Day with my family at home opening presents and helping cook delicious food. Speaking of presents, I have a video clip for you that can watch to get into the holiday spirit.

Pangya Snowball Fight

Hope you enjoyed the video. I made a clip like this one before so in case you missed it, you can check out Irresistable Pangya Dance if you like to see the guys from Pangya shirtless and thrusting their pelvic regions.

Thank you all for your support throughout this whole year. Be sure to stop by tomorrow on the 26th because I have a special post that you might not want to miss. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from SLGaming.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Outfit Ideas

Pangya is going playboy for Christmas when Japan plans to release a new Gacha rare after this week's maintenance on the 24th. This exotic content is the bunny outfits for all the ladies. There are three color variations: black, white, and red.

The make-believe bunny story

When all the girls went out for Christmas shopping, Lucia accidentally spent all of their Christmas money on jewelry and now they are completely broke to buy gifts. Pondering how they will come up with enough pangs, they spotted a new bar that was built recently in condolence of SeeD's last will. With little choice the girls have, they ended up working in the bar wearing bunny outfits. They provided the best lap dances and other "services" to raise enough pangs that Lucia spent due to her selfishness.

Quma's bar has become a huge attraction on Pangya island that golf players lost interest of the game and they are beginning to hang around at the bar flirting with the girls. The bar was so popular that one scruffy man got kicked out of the bar for harassing one of the oldest ladies in the group. The broken heart man wiped his tears with his arm to notice that he had leftover chicken wing sauce on his face that he has forgotten to wipe off. He excitedly assumed that she refused his proposal because of the sauce all over his face. His heart burned with passion once again and he will return to his crush when the time comes right after he gets a bite of chicken first.

Since there were nobody playing Pangya to keep the island in peace, the forgotten demon king resurrected very suddenly and took over the fantasy land. Cadie was enraged that players stopped playing because of the girl's skimpy outfits that brought destruction upon the island. As punishment, the girls are forced to use all of their lustful pangs to purchase appropriate equipments to combat the demon king while wearing the bunny outfits. The adventure of the bunny girls to save the island from evil and finish their Christmas shopping on time begins now.


Well that was fun making up that story, so back to the real reason why I made this post. I was thinking a couple days ago about how Pangya releases outfits similar to the world's culture in a way. So I think it would be nice that we all come up with ideas on outfits or accessories that we can see it coming to Pangya in the future. Who knows, we will probably give some ideas to the developers if they read here too. So lets make a list.

I have some ideas from the top of my head to get this started. Be sure to check back in the shop and breeze through the old scratch rares closely so you'll know which themed outfits has already released or not. I'll add your name next to your idea, and if it does get released, then you can tell people that you got first dibs that you thought of that idea before it came out. I'll determine the name based on what you use to comment, so if you are going to known as anonymous, then anonymous it is. If you want, you can link a picture example of what it'll look like from your ideas to give us a good visual.

It'll be fun, so lets get our imagination flowing.

Outfit Sets
Police Uniforms - Sweatdrop
Circus Clown - Sweatdrop
Mecha Suits - Sweatdrop
Redneck Outfits - Sweatdrop
Slingshot Bikini - Sweatdrop
Rockstar Outfits - Sweatdrop
Cowgirl Outfits - Mainless
Princesses/Queen Outfits - Mainless
Urban Outfits - Mainless
Vampire/Hunters Outfits - Wally911
Chef Outfits - Wally911
Matrix Costumes - G
Lingerie Set - Joz
Demon Outfits - ThunderChan
Steampunk - JerryJax
Alice in Wonderland Collaboration Sets - Nitehare
Angel/Devil/Fairy Outfits (go with wings) - Jon Fawkes
Regional Outfits - Jon Fawkes

Pearl Necklace - Sweatdrop
Viking hats - Sweatdrop
Cat ears - ThunderChan
Long Gloves - ThunderChan

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pangya KR Guide Vol.2 Opening

I'm happy to announce that I finally completed my Pangya KR Guide Vol. 2 that I've slowly been working on. So now I'm planning to release it publicly tonight.

I added a few additions to the guide due to the new Open Tournament season. I've made a few adjustments too to make it easier to read as well. I've created 22 sections which is smaller than my previous guide. Some are combined together, while the rest are taken down such as Approach mode, self-design, and a few mentionable contents that most of you already know from Season 4. I feel that taking some of the old contents down will save some space and loading time.

I don't have plans to update this guide regularly, but this guide should be informative enough about Pangya KR's new season. I do hope you guys enjoy this guide, and learn more interesting things about Pangya KR.

1. Open Tournament
2. Characters
3. Caddies
4. Mascots
5. Special Items
6. Club sets
7. Registrations
8. PC Bang
9. Level System
10. Course Difficulty
11. Treasure Hunt System
12. Cut-in System
13. Title System
14. Newcomers Shop
15. Rental System
16. Caddie Upgrades
17. Natural Server
18. Special Shuffle Course
19. Prize Medals
20. Card Holic System
21. Bongdari Rares
22. Scratch Card Rares

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KR Update (12-17-09)

Server Maintenance
KST: 11/17 7:00 AM ~ 11/17 12:00 PM
EST: 11/16 5:00 PM ~ 11/16 10:00 PM

Content Updates
1) Merry Christmas Event
- Stocking drop event
- Free aztec ball attendance
- Christmas sales

2) 40th Scratch Rare
- Caddy Costumes

1) Merry Christmas Event

● Period
December 17th ~ 29th

● Information

Event 1 - Stocking drop event

For every 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 18th hole, you will receive a Christmas stocking from the hole. You can use these stockings to exchange them in Cadie's Magic Box, or to sell it to people. A new addition this year are 4 different prizes to get with a cost of 2 stockings. You will randomly get one of these prizes below:

1) One random Aztec Ball
2) White or Black Jerry mascot (1 day period)
3) Scratch Card (x1)
4) Christmas Coupon

These coupons are like raffle tickets where 100 players will be selected to win a Papel lap pillow. The more coupons, the higher chance of your name drawn. If you are not from Korea, ignore this item.

The clubs, nose, and sweaters will be available again this year in Cadie's Magic Box. These old items will still have the same requirements like before to get them.

Event 2 - Free Aztec ball attendance

When you log-in during the event, you will receive one blue box.

Once you open the box, you select one of your Aztec ball that you own to add a random amount of 10~30 uses. Players can only receive these blue boxes once per day and up to 7 times.

Event 3 - Christmas sales

The picture is self-explanatory. Reindeer hats, Christmas outfits, Snow Aztec ball, Santa Papel skin, and Santa hats will be on sale until the event period is over.

● Notice
- You can buy or sell stockings to other people
- If you receive a mascot from the event, it will automatically be used
- Receive the blue box once per day, and receive maximum up to 7 times


2) 40th Scratch Rare

● Period
Begins December 17th

● Information

The 40th scratch rare is the caddy costumes available for all Characters. With these outfits, it almost looks like the caddies are playing Pangya.

Max = Dolfini
Cecilia = Tiki
Kaz = Quma
Lucia = Cadie
Arin = Minty
Kooh = Transparent Papel
Azer = Titanboo
Hana = Lolo
Nuri = Pipin (lol)

Some costumes matches the Pangya Characters, while some combination are hilarious.
I suppose making Dolfini's face into Max's helmet was the best they could do. Nuri and Pipin did the fusion technique to become the perfect Nupin. As for the bad news, Kooh is wearing a bikini inside her transparent Papel costume. Good game pedos.

Overall, it's a nice scratch set for their 40th rare. The Lolo costume looks fantastic on Hana so that's probably my favorite caddy costume. I'll probably just nab Minty's wig from someone that plans on selling it. These caddy wigs will be a great addition to customize your different outfits too. Just expect these wigs to be priced above the costumes itself.

● Notice
- Some of the detachable caddy wigs can have their own color variation.


Other Notices

Christmas theme will be updated with a new background and decorations just like how they did during Halloween.

These items are updated to use your prize medals received from the tournaments. Once you redeem your coin for one of these items, it will be given to a random Character that you can wear and it grants you some wacky abilities that you can perform in the chat room. Everything is there except for the ring for now.

Light Shoes: Your running speed will be faster. Type /광속 명령어

Shine Glasses:
Your Character will be glowing for ten seconds. Type /반짝이 명령어

King's Wig: Your head size will be larger. Type
/왕머리 명령어

Giant's Ring(?): Your Character size will grow bigger. Type /거인 명령어

© 2009, www.sweatdroplivegaming.com. All rights reserved. Image material may be copied with no permission. Text contents cannot be copied directly unless it is properly directed to the rightful owner.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pangya Japan Championship 09

Pangya Japan Championship 2009 has ended recently. From what I've skimmed through they brought back some of the previous events such as the speeder round, but there's something new I think they have added this year is the Women's cup where all female participants competing in Ice Spa 9 hole tournament. Then for the grand finale is the Grand Prix to gather their top 8 players competing for the top spot. The first round started on Sepia Wind, then next round is the new Eastern Valley course, and for the finals is Deep Inferno.

Before PJC09 concludes, they discuss some important upcoming news for their game. There are a few mentionable contents that Korea already implemented or will receive soon. I'll only go over a few of what they have discussed on what's to come on their server.

They displayed a sketch design of the Demon's land course that is seen on the last hole on Special Shuffle mode. This means that they will implement this content that Korea received last week ago. I haven't talked much about this new mode so I like to go over a few things about it. The last hole is like a bonus stage where everyone will receive a pang bag with a random amount inside. However, one random player in the room will receive the jackpot prize that will be displayed publicity with your name and the amount of pang you receive. The grand prize can range from 100k ~ 500k pang. The regular pang bag will get you at least 1k ~ 15k from my personal experience of playing that mode a few times on Korea. Any records will not be recorded at all either so the biggest error will not hurt your statistic performance.

The recycling system has been delayed as they apologize for not bringing this out yet. The same concept still applies as you can exchange items like comet balls, cards, outfits, etc to receive recycle points (RP). You can use those points to buy cash items to make use of your old items after all. It looks like they are still working on the balancing issues to make sure this system is brought up with no errors or any disadvantages. As for Korea or any other server to receive this content has not been mentioned. The same case for Japan of not mentioning about the rental system that Korea has already released that hasn't been mentioned in the 5th anniversary project. Interesting.

We've all been waiting for the next announcement of a new motion item. All that is left are Kooh and Lucia. Most of us knew that Kooh will be chosen for the next 8th motion item release. As you can see from the wallpaper, it does indicate that her motion item will be quite explosive and dangerous that she does not care from the look of her eyes. They have stated for Kooh's motion item to be released on this week's update.

Other mentionable that Japan will receive are the special award items, card pack vol. 2, and new voice overs for a future clubset and other releases.

I am glad Japan is showing high respect towards SeeD by displaying his artworks to remember him by. If it wasn't for him, these Characters and item designs that we have now would not have the charm that makes Pangya feel alive.

Well you can check more about this stuff that I've looked at on these links below. There's also a live footage recorded from Nicovideo that you can watch too. I haven't checked the clips yet, but I certainly will when I have the time to settle down and enjoy watching how Japanese players play in their competitive state.

JPN Sneakpeek Updates
JPN PJC 09 Video