Friday, May 29, 2009

Testing Pangya on JTV

Once in awhile I broadcast myself playing Pangya on JustinTV. The only major problem was that if I record using Flash Media Encoder and play Pangya on one machine, it lags my game to the point where it's hard to play. It's almost like if you were recording using Fraps though the entire round. So I decided to try my old laptop and see if it can handle FME.

Not to my surprise, I can't use high quality H.264 so I have to use the low VP6 setting which hurts the quality quite a bit, but doesn't demand much CPU usage. I decided to test a full 18 hole round and see how it'll look overall.

Ice Cannon Part 1

Ice Cannon Part 2

So far I don't like the video quality at all. The audio is from my small microphone that I have near the speakers. So I may or may not broadcast because of low video quality, but we'll see. I am looking for a decent new laptop to replace my old one so I can probably use that for FME only. Preferably Intel Core 2 Duo.

As for this round that I recorded, this is how I usually play. I make minor mistakes like Hole 8 that costs me the entire round for a record chance. You can also ignore my voice in the background since I love to talk to myself, a lot. I was also on Ventrilo too, but nobody was online except one red fruit.

(I just noticed some holes were skipped on Part 2 of the video. No clue why that happened, oh well)